Behind the scenes with Insider Experiences


mark-2073-trafalgar-insight-campaign-grownups-article-300x300_traf_lucerneEver looked at a 30-person strong tour group and wondered if they’re really soaking up the spirit of their destination? Maybe you’ve found yourself travelling independently and craved something beyond the usual tourist trail?

Don’t worry, we feel you.

That’s why at House of Travel, we work with companies that share our passion with not just getting off the beaten track, but forging an entirely new path. Inspired by a love for experiential travel, Trafalgar Tours is all about pushing the limits of conventional tourism. They dive head first into what makes a destination a destination, and capture these quirks with their incredible Insider Experiences.

So why should you book your next trip with a specialised agent that takes you to places your Lonely Planet guidebook could only dream of?

‘Insider Experiences’ that get you behind the scenes…

The internet has revolutionised trip planning, and we’re the first to admit that it’s now possible to book flights, accommodation and activities at your fingertips. So why shouldn’t you? Put simply, when you entrust your trip to Trafalgar Tours you unlock access to experiences that an independent traveller could never replicate. Nope, not even in their wildest Elizabeth Gilbert ‘Eat Pray Love’ dreams. Curated by Trafalgar’s globetrotting team of experts, Insider Experiences get you behind the scenes, and beyond the boundaries of conventional travel. Every experience is handpicked, and designed to immerse guests in encounters that are authentic, exclusive and intrinsically cultural.

mark-2073-trafalgar-insight-campaign-grownups-article-300x300_traf_romeFabulous food, and lashings of wine…

To us, food is an essential part of travel. It allows us to quite literally taste a culture, eat our way through a country and sample the flavours that define a nation. That’s why on every Trafalgar Tours trip, there’s always a focus on fabulous food, fantastic wine and everything in-between. From fine dining to colourful street stalls, we’ll make sure your palate is continually tantalised. We’re also passionate about the fact that food tastes a hundred times better when its shared with locals, and prepared with love. That’s why we love Trafalgar’s Be My Guest menu. Inspired by a kaleidoscope of flavours from around the world, the experiences offer you a chance to dine with local families, learn how to whip up regional dishes, enjoy a post-vineyard tour glass of vino with winemakers and more.

Explore the road less travelled…

Yes, you can bet that if we’re whisking you away to Seville, a tour of the magnificent Plaza de España will definitely be in order. But beyond ticking off all the essential tourist sights, Trafalgar Tours raises the bar with Insider Experiences like private flamenco dance classes. Embrace your inner senor or senorita? Si, por favor! En route to the Vatican? Not only will you get to marvel at the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica, but we’ll also get you VIP access to the unique double-helix Bramante staircase, which is usually out of bounds to the general public.

Slumber in style…

mark-2073-trafalgar-insight-campaign-grownups-article-300x300_traf_viennaLet’s face it, who doesn’t love a luxe chain hotel every now and then? But as well as treating our guests to plush bathrobes, miniature toiletries and room service, we’ve also put together an inspired collection of hotels that capture the culture, history and quirks of our destinations. Fancy joining us for a night’s stay at the very hotel where JFK proposed to Jackie Onassis? Perhaps you’d like to wine and dine like a king at Italy’s stunning Albergo Dell’Agenzia country estate? With our Authentic Accommodation programme, we make sure that you’ll wake up in places that live, breathe and embody your destination.

Ready to forge your own path, and enjoy a trip that immerses you in the crux of a destination? Get in touch with our House of Travel consultants, and start planning your perfect itinerary. Not only can they help you find the best deals on airfares, but they’ll also work closely with Trafalgar Tours to create a customised itinerary that indulges your unique needs.