Saturday, 13 February 2016
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DIY Renovation Saves Time and Money


For many homeowners the thought of making improvements to their home bring about thoughts of expensive contractors and a lot of time spent living with a mess in the house. Since the 1950s, DIY activities had been evident and can be attributed to the fact that human beings are naturally ...

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Essential Accessories of Moroccan Home Decor


One of the hottest trends when it comes to interior design of the home is Moroccan home decor. There are many reasons why Moroccan decor is so popular that include the designs, fabrics, beauty of the colors that blend so well together and the fact that this type of decorating ...

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Flat Panel Solar Collector Corrosion


There is an interesting website that has been set up by Gary Moller of Wellington. He writes how their family home had solar water heating using flat collector panels for just over four years, and how during that time, they had to have the solar collector panels replaced three times. ...

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Carpet Repair Tips & Tools


When it comes to carpet repair, home improvement shows make doing it yourself sound so easy. While carpet repair isn’t rocket science there, is often a little more to it than you might imagine.  With the proper tools and these simple tips you have everything needed to determine whether to ...

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