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Wolf And Wolf Hybrids

When most people think about pets, they think about something soft and cuddly. If that is the first thought that comes to your mind, you should probably not consider a wolf or even a wolf hybrid as a pet. If however, you live out in the proverbial boonies and are looking for a companion as much as an animal that will earn its keep to some extent, than the wolf may very well be exactly what you are looking for.

Wolves and wolf hybrids are not generally known as domestic pets in the traditional sense of the word and should not be considered as such. However, if are looking for an animal that is neither ashamed or afraid to earn its keep than a wolf or wolf hybrid may be just what the doctor ordered. However, you have to realize that a wolf is not easily domesticated, trained or housebroken. About the best you will be able to hope for is establishing a mutually beneficial relationship and a rather distant friendship.

The wolf and wolf hybrids need a large tract of open land so that they have plenty of room to run. They are very capable of digging, climbing and jumping so attempting to keep them contained in a very small area is not advised. Ideally, to offer a viable habitat to your wolf, you will have a large farm or ranch … preferably one with a large population of rabbits and rodents of some size or quantity. The wolf will happily hunt down the varmints that wreak havoc on your crops and keep most problem animals (and people) far away from you and your property.

If you do not have a large rodent population for your wolf to feed upon, you will also have to consider the costs in housing a wolf. Wolves and hybrids will usually eat somewhere around twenty pounds of raw meat every week. Again, the wolf makes a great companion but you must be aware of what you are getting into before you make any effort to adopt a wolf and bring it into your home. This does not mean to literally bring them into your home however.

Wolves and even the wolf hybrids are not very well conditioned to living indoors. They are not easily housebroken because, as territorial animals, they will continually mark their territory. This is usually done by urinating in order that others of their ilk will be aware of their presence. Again, wolves and wolf hybrids are not domestic animals and cannot be treated as such.

Unless you have a very large portion of land ranging into square miles rather than square acres, you will probably not wish to adopt fully grown wolves. They will fight for dominance if you own more than one and even if you do not, there will still be a struggle between the wolf and the owner for dominance of the territory in question. Adopting baby wolves or hybrids is by far the best method for adopting a wolf into your home.

In this way, the wolf will grow up with you already situated as the dominant figure or the proverbial alpha and you will suffer much less than you would with a grown wolf. While wolves are not the right pet for everyone, the person who has the room, the patience and the temperament to deal with them can find themselves with a truly unique bonding experience. Wolves are symbolic of power and grace and have been since times forgotten. Your wolf or wolf hybrid may never be a cuddle buddy, but it will be an undying friend and a unique opportunity to experience first hand why these mystical creatures, the wolves, have been so revered throughout history.

by: CS Swarens

Note to reader from Grownups: We are well aware of the miniscule chances of customs allowing you to have a pet Wolf (or Wolf Hybrid). The purpose of this article (which as you can imagine I found in a Canadian archive) is purely for entertainment value. Trying not to state the obvious please do not be offended if in searching for you new best friend you are laughed at by NZ Customs if this one is your choice. Happy reading and also don’t forget to leave comments at the bottom of articles fellow readers love it and we appreciate the feedback.  

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  1. Profile photo of razorlust

    For a decade living in the US I had a wolfish furkid. An incredible experience.
    There are a lot of misnomers and incorrect information about them though. Wolves can indeed make a good cuddle buddy…. if you socialize them right from childhood, anyway.
    They express love through biting, so bite inhibition training is also very important as a young wolf. I didn’t want to stop my furkid expressing affection, so spent several months teaching how hard was ok to bite. Another lesson best taught young, but was a few months where I spent a lot of time bleeding.
    A wolf or hybrid is not for everyone.

    Pack behaviour is a priority consideration. You are the alpha. My wife (at the time) had issues as my furkid would periodically vie for pack position with her.
    Remember; wolves are pack animals. They cannot be isolated. My furkid got her own puppy, so she was never alone; especially while I was not at home. A Rottweiler cross; something big and able to wrestle with.

    You have to have hiding places. Our yard was huge, and had fences reinforced and electrified, but it was too open, and she needed places to hide. Concealed, yet able to watch anyone who came near our yard. NOT a guard dog at all, but watching her subtle movements you could tell when someone walked up the driveway…. a half kilometre away from the house.

    Housebreaking; it can be done. my puppy preferred outside time, but would come in and visit. And when she wanted more time with me, she actually tore part way through a wall. That was after she learned to open door handles. and then tore one off, because we had the audacity to lock it. /grin.

    Don’t ever think about a wolf or hybrid if you want your yard looking nice; it won’t happen. Get used to constant repairs and construction.
    And an animal you can’t take out in public, because people will freak out. lots of positive comments and interested questions too, but the questionable illegality becomes a mine field.

    I’ve never had a pet as challenging or incredible as that one.
    I’d be interested in having another, if I could find a pup locally.

    If you’re really interested in wolves or wolfdags I highly recommend this book:

    Read it several times before you even look at your furkid. It’s a far more significant and lifechanging event than merely getting a dog, and there’s a lot of work to do to make your world ready to accept a wolf…. or reassess your own suitability to be a wolf-parent and pack-leader.

  2. If you want a wolf, go to a country where you can get a wolf.

  3. if you want to get a wolf in to the nz just sey it is a dog

  4. Hey, I looked into it as owned a wolf hybrid in the UK. Unfortunately there are none in NZ and they are not allowed to be imported here. I’m not sure how you’d get on importing straws for AI ing a Mal or a GSD though, to get a half breed…..

  5. Hello, if anyone knows where to buy wolfdog pups in New Zealand please leave your contact details.

  6. I am super interested in having a gray wolf as a companion but am not sure if this is possible in newzealand anyone help me?

  7. Can I have one hybrid wolf in New Zealand>

  8. can you own a wolf/husky hybrid in new zealand?

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