solarZero: solar energy now, without the loopholes

Get solar installed with Zero upfront costs, and guaranteed savings from your first year

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Like many Kiwis you may have considered adding solar energy to power your home, but put it in the ‘too-hard basket’. There’s so much information out there, and so many companies trying to sell you on their schemes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Here we outline a smart new solar-as-a-service option that makes things simple. With the solarZero service from solarcity, you can go solar with no upfront costs, loopholes or hidden costs. Here’s how.

It’s no surprise that solar is becoming ever more popular. It’s an ultra-low carbon form of electricity generation and uses an infinitely renewable source of energy – the sun.

But, while the cost of solar panels is dropping every year, most home owners still can’t afford to buy them outright – not to mention the ongoing cost of repairs, upgrades and maintenance. There are many companies out there offering alternative schemes for getting solar panels installed, but how do you know which is right for you?

solarcity is the only company who offers solar-as-a-service, called solarZero. You get solar panels and a smart battery installed at your home, without the upfront or ongoing maintenance costs. You’re also guaranteed to see a drop in your power bills from your first year – and on average customers save up to 30% on their power bill over the length of their service agreement.*

We asked solarcity to answer some of our burning questions about the service.

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solarZero: NZ’s only solar-as-a-service option

 What makes solarZero different?

  • You pay a fixed monthly fee for your solar energy usage, which doesn’t increase for the entire agreement.
  • You get solar panels and a smart battery installed for no upfront cost.
  • Maintenance and upgrades are included for the entire agreement.
  • solarZero is brought to you by solarcity, NZ’s leading solar energy company, specialising in solar since 1981.

How long is the fixed monthly fee applied?

  • To gain the maximum value for the system, your fixed monthly fee is set for a 20 year term, with guaranteed savings from year one.
  • Monthly solarZero energy fees start from as low as $85 + GST.
  • As well as solar, you get additional grid power at a net price protected rate of 8c/kWh (plus GST, lines and network charges) through solarcity’s partner, Ecotricity. This protects you from increasing price changes in the fluctuating retail market.

What if I move house within the 20 year term?

  • You’ll have more flexibility than if you buy panels outright – you can bring solarZero with you, include it as part of the sale of your home, or pay out the remainder of the contract as an added benefit to the value of your home for the new homeowners.
  • solarcity will manage the whole process, and help you choose the best option to make things hassle-free and simple as possible.

Will I definitely save on my power bills?

  • Yes, solarcity guarantees you’ll save money on your power bills from your first year.
  • On average customers save up to 30% on their power bill over the length of their service agreement.*

What happens if the solar panels are faulty or if the technology becomes outdated?

  • You can rest assured that part of the solarZero service includes regular maintenance, upgrades and repairs at no additional cost.
  • The system will be kept in top form without you having to fork out more money to keep it in working order.

Why do I need a smart battery?

  • The solarZero smart battery stores unused solar energy so you can use it when you need it – a lifesaver when there’s a power cut!
  • The smart battery tops-up its supply by purchasing and storing low-cost grid power during off-peak times, so you can use it during the peak times and avoid paying the higher prices.

*average savings over the solarZero service agreement period of 20 years


Get solar now – Zero install costs

If the prohibitively expensive install and maintenance costs of solar are holding you back, now might be the time to look into an alternative option with solarZero. The solarZero energy service is designed to put power back into the hands of New Zealanders – literally. The service is offered by New Zealand’s oldest and best trusted solar company, solarcity.

Over 35+ years they’ve put more solar systems on Kiwi homes and businesses than any other company. They were the first solar company in the world to achieve Toitū carbonzero certification, and are still the only solar energy services business in NZ with that green credential.

The company is passionate about creating a Grid for Good, one that protects our environment and the future of Kiwis as a whole. It means you can trust that your contract will come with no hidden costs or loopholes – just immediate access to solar’s environmental and cost savings.

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