Winter adventures

While the winter weather meant more indoor activities, Radius Arran Court hasn’t let it stop their residents from having fun.

Imagine a poor tree that lives in the garden through the cold winter being warmed up by the skill of our yarn bombers. “Yarn Bombers?” I hear you asking, “What are they?” Well, Radius have investigated and discovered a new form of entertainment for their keen knitters. Yarn bombing is graffiti knitting or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted yarn to decorate something. In their case it will be a tree in our front yard. Theiryarn bombers are working hard on their task, preparing the wool squares to keep our tree warm.

In west Auckland they have keenly watched the development of the new strands of spaghetti reaching high into the sky to form the roads leading to the new Waterview Tunnel, and the wait is finally over, as the roads and tunnel have opened. Radius residents were not the first to go through but they were excited anyway. Tunnellers were loaded into the van and off they went. All agreed it was really enjoyable to see the feat of engineering. They are now investigating other tunnels we can explore.

For residents who like to take things a little easier and choose safer options that don’t involve going underground there was also the visit to the kindy. This was their best visit yet with the little students being very keen to share what they have been doing and have the residents read stories. All involved said it was a great morning and are very keen to visit again.

This little piggy went to market and this little piggy came to visit. The lovely lady from Pet Therapy brought a two-day-old piglet in for a visit. After cuddles all round and a bottle feed, the piggy went to sleep. Unfortunately planning was a little off and the Radius kitchen staff  had prepared a wonderful roast pork lunch. Please be assured the little pig was sent home completely intact and all thoroughly enjoyed both forms of pig.

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