Ryman Delicious – variety, freshness and companionship

Human connection is important at any stage of life, but none more so than in retirement, where many people find themselves spending a lot of their days alone.

At Ryman, community and friendships are a vital part of village life. Mealtimes provide the perfect setting for those moments of shared joy and laughter, where for many residents, coming together for a meal is a highlight.

That is why in 2017 we decided to shake up our approach to food and how it is delivered, by launching Ryman Delicious menus.

To achieve this, we literally went back to the drawing board to survey what our residents’ preferences were.

In listening to our residents, we captured the essence of what is really important to them. Cravings for old favourites are satisfied by providing the comfort of the classics, but we keep it ‘fresh’ with innovative choices. Think roast chicken alongside slow-cooked pork and coconut curry.

Recipes provide variety, freshness and flair and are prepared by our inhouse chefs using ingredients that are delivered to the villages fresh each day. In fact, two of our talented chefs, Steve Iraia and Paul Korunic, were dishing up success at the New Zealand Hospitality Awards recently, taking out first and second place in the senior lifestyle section.

It demonstrates the standards we uphold at Ryman, the pride we take in what we offer our residents, and of course the pride we have for our talented chefs!

Delicious menus comprise of three main course choices, including a vegetarian option and the ability to cater for special dietary requirements. There are three menus per year that change to reflect the seasons from autumn, winter and summer. So, you can look forward to hearty roasts in winter, the freshness of summer fare, and everything in between.

Our menus work on a four-week rotational basis with 120 different meals per month. Therefore, the same meal does not appear for four weeks – unless of course it’s requested by popular demand!

At Ryman, we understand that not only is the menu important, but so too is the experience.

Check out the deliciousness for yourself in our extensive Delicious menus.