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Retirement is life changing

26663-bradley-nuttal-so-you-think-you-are-ready-to-retire_cover_proof3-2-copyTrue? I am sure that we’d all agreed with this statement, but few of us really understand just how life changing it really is.

We want you to think about what your own retirement is going to look like and how you feel about that. Many people assume that their retirement will unfold like everyone else’s.

Too often, they are really clear about what they are retiring from but not entirely clear about what they are retiring to.

For most New Zealanders, retirement planning is a financial exercise. If you have done the “right” things, contributed to your KiwiSaver over the years and received good advice on managing your nest egg, you can say that you are ready for retirement. One financial services company in North America starts its commercial with the question, “Do you know your number?”

Apparently this means that if you have accumulated that number prior to retirement, then you are well on the way to enjoying a wonderful life after work. Once your financial situation has been settled, you can sit back and enjoy the rewards that retirement brings – which is the more traditional approach to retirement planning.

But what if we asked a slightly different question?

“Are you ready for retirement?” and you weren’t allowed to consider your financial issues at all, what would your answer be?

We believe successful retirement planning is about assessing how you live your life today and how you want to live it in the future. It is much more than just knowing your ‘number’.

One of the biggest misconceptions about retirement is that it is the beginning of a new life and that you become a “new” person.

You are who you are, but it is an opportunity to live the kind of life that you truly want. A move into retirement is a very good time to sit back and assess how you feel about the life that you are living now and want to live in the future.

Over the next few months, we will look at how you might tackle planning for this life changing event in a more holistic way.

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