Creative Ideas to Enrich Your Retirement Life

Here are ten retirement ideas here that will add sparks and interests to occupy you more than when you're working!

Article by Cecelia Yap

After some 30, 40 years of toiling, battling and rushing days and perhaps nights in the corporate rat race (or could be in a cut throat business world), you finally call it a day – you retire.

"Good. I've more time on my hands to do things I haven't got round to do…." You think.

Yes. But little do you know that after a while, you get bored because you don't have enough to do to occupy your time.

I have ten retirement ideas here that will add sparks and interests, to occupy you more….than when you're working!

But no, they won't tire you out. You'll have fun, growth experiences and tops, helping others, along the way. You'll feel relaxed and fulfilled too.

1.    Work part time – you're active and earn meaningful income. The work could be what you've been doing while still working; or could be areas you're good at like art, craft, computer, home repairs, organizing parties/events…..

2.    Start a business – build a business from scratch, online or offline, it doesn't matter. You sure won't get bored with this; what with plenty of learning curves and growth experiences to get busy with

3.    Volunteer to help in true, genuine charitable organizations – help others in terms of your time, money and effort, to help them achieve their dreams; good for them and for you too!

4.    Get going an exercise and fitness program – keep your body in strong and fit condition by consistently and regularly exercise: cardio (running, walking, swimming, jogging, bicycling….) 3-4 times per week for at least 30 minutes per session, working on your heart and lungs (to keep them strong and fit) and burning off excess body fat, to lose or maintain weight

5.    Grow a hobby – especially a hobby (of your heart) you haven't got the time to indulge in when you're too busy working your butts out in the corporate world

6.    Teach in your local community – offer and share your work-related expertise/knowledge by teaching/tutoring in youth clubs, student societies and churches who have members in need of your expertise/ knowledge

 Go back to study – learn new things. Pick up new knowledge. Who knows, you might discover new talents and potentials which are otherwise buried deep and dead because you're so busy working all these years

 Initiate a website/blog in your areas of passion – if you're crazy about cooking, why not share your "best kept" recipes? Your "home secrets" in cooking up tantalizing meals? Then, when you've a raved following, make money by selling catering services, recipes, cookbooks…..Hey, you could become a hot celebrity in your own niche

9.    Organize a book club – get like-minded friends and relatives, working professionals and students to have regular readings, discussions, debates and reviews on books, articles, novels and any other intellectual reading materials, to sharpen and widen yours and others' minds

    Join political party and get active in its community services- this is a sure way to serve your community, if you're up to it, that is. Hmmm….you might become a "popular" political champion….serve your country, your people, your community….Things that are positive and good for all

Are these retirement ideas enough to get you cracking up more exciting ideas of your own?

No matter what idea(s) you've in mind, the most important thing is that you enjoy it, have fun and growth experiences, to enrich your retirement years. And you don't waste away your time, mind and existence.