New holiday solutions for pet owners

9955 dog pet
9955 dog pet

Do you find the prospect of leaving your pets to go on holiday gut-wrenching? If so, this article is for you.

Most preferred option? Find a friend

Travelling Dog
Find a friend or relative to come and stay to look after the house while you are away gives you the added bonus of them being able to care for any birds, fish or animals just the way you want them to as well.

Tried your breeder?

If you are lucky, sometimes pedigree animal breeders will offer to take the animals you bought from them for a few weeks for a nominal fee when you holiday overseas.

The Inside Out Project

The Inside Out Project is a social enterprise “that recruits and enables very capable and willing people with an intellectual disability (and their police-vetted support volunteers where required) to provide pet feeding and dog walking”. Worth supporting, don’t you think?

If you’re holidaying locally…

…and want to take your pet too, there are some great new options for pet-lovers starting with lists of pet-friendly hotels, baches and accommodation online. Check out:

Birds, Cats and Other Small Animals

Cat OwnersApart from the usual options of a cattery, there are now cat hotels and cat lovers who will visit your home to check, pet and feed your cat while you are away. Ask your local vet for recommended services.


A lot of dog walking services and Doggy Day cares offer pet minding services as well.