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Welcome Mynda Mansfield

Mynda Mansfield was born and raised in South Africa during the time of British colonialism. She witnessed the changes that the country went through, from the unilateral declaration of independence, through the establishment and iron rule of the Apartheid government, the miraculous release of Nelson Mandela and the transformation that resulted in him being elected to lead the country to a new dawn.

Mynda’s primary career has been in education and she has worked as a specialist teacher in the Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) school system for many years, serving in leadership roles and taking on the position of principal of the Hamilton school. Mynda is passionate about this system of education as it encompasses the development of the whole child and acknowledges the spiritual component as primary.

Utilizing her talent and her training in creative writing, Mynda has developed as secondary career as a freelance writer. She writes for many publications, both national and international on a wide range of topics, and is a regular columnist with Hamilton Press. The focus of this column is on developing the consciousness and practice of the spiritual life, a matter that Mynda regards as the primary purpose for being on earth.

Mynda’s spiritual journey has been a process of awakening to the truth of Divine Identity. This process has taken her through the study and practice of many formal religions and philosophies and those schools of thought which seek to awaken the consciousness of the universality of all human beings. The choices she made along the way have been motivated by a search for that which unifies mankind, rather than that which separates one individual or group from another.

Having welcomed the changes in the South African political situation and having been delighted to play their parts in the formation of the new ‘rainbow nation’, Mynda and her husband finally chose to leave South Africa after some traumatic near-fatal incidents in crime-ridden Johannesburg. They lived with their two children in Germany for some years before immigrating to New Zealand in 2001. They are now New Zealand citizens and proud and thankful to be so.