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David HartnellDavid Hartnell (MNZM):
No-one is recognised as knowing more about Hollywood and celebrities than David Hartnell MNZM. He’s not only spent a lifetime reporting on Hollywood’s trivia, gossip and scandals, but he counts many celebrities among his personal friends. Every Monday morning David will give you an exclusive weekly update on the gossip, scandals and trivia of Hollywood’s elite.

Dr Allison LamontDr Allison Lamont:
Allison Lamont, PhD (Psychology), M.A. (First Class Hons). MNZAC; MNZPsS; founder and memory consultant at the Auckland Memory Clinic.

Allison’s ground-breaking research into memory in older, healthy adults has excited interest in many parts of the world.

unnamedLynn McConnell
A journalist since completing training at Wellington Polytechnic, now part of Massey University’s School of Journalism, Lynn has had two stints on The Southland Times (the second 10 years as Sports Editor), the Marlborough Express and the now-defunct Evening Post (Wellington).  Lynn writes for GrownUps via the Golden Oldies sports travel company.

P1010092-2-239x160Bas Walker
Bas is a chemical engineer by training, with a first degree from Canterbury and a PH D from Cambridge in the UK.Interestingly, Bas was very much involved in policy during the energy crises of the 1970s (which is a long time ago now!). Since then he has been Chief Executive of three different government departments, (Energy, Defence; and Research, Science and Technology) and of one government agency (the Environmental Risk Management Authority).  Bas joins us after blogging on his own ‘BeachsidePondering’ blogpost.

In a previous lifetime, Terry Carson was a practising lawyer with a passion for writing. He retired early from the law and has written several books with legal themes. He used to write legal columns for Grownups and other publications. Now that he has forgotten most of the law he once knew, he prefers to write about life in general. Terry believes that the most important thing is life, as one grows older, is to find plenty to laugh about. He never realised that most of the time he would be laughing at himself.
When not engaged in writing Terry enjoys walking, social cycling, travelling, reading, and researching New Zealand colonial history.
I’m a 50-something Mum to four, and Nan to eight.
I have an on-going love affair with simple crafts – paper, cloth and yarn. I love to learn new things, fossick around in thrift shops, and do a lot of reading – but my main focus (still) is being Mum and Nan to my lot.
Monica Louis
Life begins at 50+; it may be just an expression but it’s absolutely true for Monica.  Monica was born in Holland, close to the borders of French-speaking Belgium and the German industrial north. Crossing real and virtual borders has been in her blood so it’s probably not surprising that she’s enjoyed working in travel and tourism.


Jacqui Olliver smallJacqui Olliver – Life, Sex and Relationships: How to Play to Win!The Sex Technique Modifier at End the Problem, Jacqui Olliver is the “go to” person for doctors and relationship therapists to refer their clients to, to solve sex problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, being unable to orgasm and libido problems WITHOUT DRUGS. Every week Jacqui will provide us with insights and motivational tips to improve our life, sex and relationships.

venu-cropped-254x300Venu Bhamidi – Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon
Mr. Venu Bhamidi has a very busy public practice at Auckland City Hospital and consults privately at Gilgit Road Specialist Centre. His practice encompasses all aspects of vascular disease and he is passionate about Diabetic arterial disease and wounds. He is the clinical leader for the ADHB Multi-Disciplinary Diabetic Foot Service and strives to increase the awareness of vascular and circulation problems in the wider community.  Venu will be updating us with regular articles of interest.

MichaelGrownUps is delighted to introduce Michael Easther – a long term newspaper columnist and poet.  Michael, at 88, is finally slowing down a little, but will be contributing verses to our site. ‘When World War 2 had just begun, And I was relatively young, We feared the Nazis would drop gas, And citizens would die en masse. That’s why authorities declared, In order that we be prepared, We’d all have gas masks fitted, then, We’d be protected -“if or when”. Now here’s an interesting fact – They feared small children might react, To wearing masks and so, instead, They wore a Mickey Mouse’s head. Enjoy!

 Dr David Hassan:
David Hassan is a registered GP and our resident health expert. He writes about what interests him, what interests his patients’ and what is important to know.
 Lyn PotterLyn Potter:
A parent and grandparent, a writer of educational resources, a passionate home cook and collector of recipe books and an Avid Traveller – always with a camera at the ready.
 Peta Stavelli:
A baby boomer who found her true vocation late in life, Peta has variously worked many different jobs. Her writing reflects a quirky outlook on life.
  Ron TustinRon Tustin:
Ron provides GrownUps Members with great support and life coaching advice.  Ron’s work and life experience has been all about working with other people. His greatest realisation after working in public health was that no matter how much advice or information you may have to offer and give to others, you cannot make anyone change. That change has to come from inside that person from their own ideas and values– a good coach will skilfully help you to achieve this.
 Frank & Muriel NewmanFrank & Dr Muriel Newman:
Oily Rag: Money and Savings Tips.  Living off the smell of an oily rag on-line is based on a concept developed by Frank Newman. Frank is the author of a number of books, including the hugely popular Oily Rag series. Oily Rag On-line is intended to be your site – it’s an opportunity to share your ideas and tips with the Oily Rag community.

Kay RaynerKay Rayner: Writer & Film Producer
Writer and film producer, enjoys reliving her childhood memories through her children’s books.  In 2007, Kay collaborated with her son-in-law Jonathon to write and publish ‘The Pipsies’ series of children’s stories.  These stories were born from her childhood fantasies and focus on a family of little furry creatures that lived in a garden.


dapper-300x201Jonathan Rayner-Burt: Illustrator, Cartoonist and Film maker
Jonathon hails from the rural South Island although he moved to Auckland in 2002 to chase a career in the creative sector. While these are endeavours are part time, they bring him great pleasure and he feels very lucky to have the support of family in these crazy ventures

Previous Columnists:

profile-picture-xterRichard Warwick
Is a Dad to 5 adult children and a Grandfather, he has been married to his wife Antoinette for 32 years and would describe himself as an “average kiwi bloke”. While Perhaps what is less average is that since the age of 16 I have lived with a significant physical disability as the result of a massive brain bleed, that at the time completely paralysed me down my left hand side.

Linda Grigg
Linda Grigg:
As well as supporting charities and other good causes around the country, reading and writing about inspiring and passionate ‘everyday’ people is one of Linda’s joys.

Dr Dorree Lyn: Sexual Health Columnist
The older we get, the better it should get…for honest articles about sex and sexual health, we recommend that you have a read.

Janis Grummitt:
A social anthropologist and brain building enthusiast well known in the field of mind development and effective thinking.


Hayden Foulds: Rose Expert

Gerald Bryan: Food & Cooking Specialist

Eva Maria: Social Networking & All Things Teen

Lindsey Dawson: Personality/ Life and Laughter

Alan Dick: Editor of NZ Today, Driver & Classic Driver

Leigh: Bramwell: My Generation

Chris Bennett: The DIY Handyman

Jeff Matthews: Finance Interest

Terry Carson: Legal Commentary

Eric Bakker: Health Commentary

Mike Milstein: Agewell – Life