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Introducing Denise Corlett

Denise Corlett is a coach with a background in occupational therapy, psychological health and human resources who specialises in the process of dating, attraction and how to find someone special.  She has extensive experience in helping both men and women find someone special by getting alongside them, finding out what isn’t working and then advising practically on what to do differently.  She is skilled in uncovering stumbling blocks, offering useful insight, teaching and practising a range of skills specific to dating and relationships, helping people market themselves better and helping them know where to look, find and attract someone special.

Denise launched Dating Advice in February 2008 to provide information and personalised services to the growing numbers of singles dating and trying to find someone special.  She noticed a gap in the offering to singles particularly those in the 30+ group who were experiencing difficulties finding someone special. “As more people use web based dating and introduction and events agencies it highlights the desire for many of us to want to find someone special. Some people are having success but many still aren’t.  My question was: Could people have more success if they knew what wasn’t working for them and learnt some alternative ways to be successful. Plus, it’s not always appropriate or the right time to share our excitement or burdens with our family or friends; others might not tell you some pointers that might help you be more successful; you might have some specific skills you could develop and practise to assist in the dating process; articles you read might not quite answer your questions; you might just want a sounding board. These gaps can all be filled by a specialised and personalised dating advice service developed for people who want to have more success dating and finding someone special.” Denise herself understands first hand the challenges of returning to dating following a marriage breakup, but has since met and married someone who she is very happy with.

The business offers a range of options for men and women all over the country including phone, email and face to face coaching and programmes; LaunchDate™ where Denise anonymously markets and advertises you on the dating advice website while benefitting from her vetting any interested parties; personalised assistance to create or review your website profile on internet dating as well as a range of free information and resources.

For more information please visit and for personalised assistance from Denise call 09 521 7449 or email [email protected].