To move or not to move

Have you been toying with moving house? It is a huge step, one that can make or break you, depending on your reasons. Here are some factors to consider before you put a ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn and bid your neighbour adieu.

People move house for all kinds of reasons. While it will undoubtedly create new opportunities, it is also invariably stressful and potentially expensive.

So, why are you moving?

screen-shot-2017-05-18-at-11-59-48-amIs it time to downsize? Are you moving away from old memories? Is your home to hard to maintain? Are your family telling you that ‘it’s time’? Are you interested in freeing up some cash? Are you moving to a better climate for your health?

As with any big decision in life, before you act; think. If you have recently been bereaved, avoid any more large decisions and upheaval unless it is absolutely necessary. Your perspective may change with a little time and what seemed like a good idea in the depths of despair, may seem less brilliant upon reflection.

If your home is feeling too big, you could consider having a friend or someone in a similar situation move in and share costs and provide company. You can always ask family or friends to help with general maintenance and gardening while you assess your options.

Howeverimages, if moving does feel like the best for you, take the opportunity to decide what you really need to keep and what can be passed on, donated or sold. Don’t take unnecessary flotsam with you – it is extremely liberating having a spring clean!

Enlist trusted help to get you through the sales process and get very sound professional advice.

Whichever way it goes, your home should be a place where you are safe, warm, happy and calm. Listen to your heart and make certain you live in a place that makes you feel as many of these things as circumstances allow!