This simple home improvement hack works in every season

Improving the comfort of your home is usually something you’ll do to suit a season; heating in winter, or keeping it cooler in summer. Well, here’s a simple and proven effective way you can do both at the same time.

By installing HRV retro-fit double glazing on your windows, you can keep your home much warmer over winter, and keep the heat at bay over summer. HRV also have an advanced film they can apply to your existing glass to add even more insulation, and filter out harmful UV rays. And of course, with a warmer home from better insulated windows you could expect to see a lot less condensation on your morning window sills and panes.


You’re probably losing a lot more Heat through your windows than you realise? Potentially up to 48% of heat is lost through windows (when your roof, floor and walls are already fully insulated)

Double glazing is where you have double panes on your window to trap air in between them. This small pocket of air acts like the air trapped in a feather duvet or fleecy sweater, greatly slowing the heat lost (or gained if it’s summer) from the room. It’s traditionally been an expensive process to replace an entire home’s windows with a new double glazed system, but HRV have a new system that allows them to retro-fit a new panel over your existing windows, at a fraction of the cost of refitting a new window completely.


Trapping air between 2 panes in your window is one of the most efficient ways of keeping the heat inside your home.

HRV can also supply and install Solar Gard® Ecolux™ Window Film; an environmentally friendly, low-E film product that when applied internally to your windows can help improve their insulation performance by up to 88%*. This unique product helps your windows to reflect heat back into the room in winter, and keeps the sun and ambient heat out in summer.

But won’t it ruin the look of my windows? No. HRV’s retro-fit double glazing system comes in a wide range of colours and are very low profile, so chances are not even your closest neighbours will recognise the difference. Furthermore, they use a special acrylic panel that is actually clearer than glass and their Ecolux film won’t haze or block the light through your windows.


HRV Retro-fit double glazing systems are all carefully engineered to BLEND TO your existing windows

Are my windows suitable? HRV can retro-fit double glaze most windows out there, but the easiest way to explore your window options is to get an HRV Window expert over to your home. It’s a free service at no obligation, and once they’ve completed your consultation, they can let you know exactly how you can benefit, and what it will cost.

Watch below to see and hear what a HRV retro-fitted double glazing system is like to have in your home.

To start enjoying a warmer home in winter and a cooler home in summer click the link below to go to our online Free Home Assessment request form.


*Solar Guard Saint Gobain : 88% insulation improvement based on annual averaged R-Value calculation (6mm clear pane. Clear Glass).