Do you need help to reorganise or declutter your home?

Reorganizing or eliminating things you don’t need is the primary concern when it comes to tidying up Residential or Commercial spaces. The possessions you own is of  importance to you but you can not let them go easily. Imagine the space these things are occupying just because of your emotional connection to them, when they have had there used by date.

In order to organize your life, it is important to understand what you do and don’t need, only then can you start the reorganising phase. Maybe your children have moved out and their child hood possessions are still at your home occupying an entire room. Don’t you think these things could be given back or relocated to a new place that is visible so memories are kept but space is created.

Based on a readers survey from a hip Diggs website, 20 House hold items most people have that they do not need include non functioning electric goods , napkin rings and so on. They have served their purpose and just add to the clutter.

The task of sorting items into categories eg.  To keep, give to family, donate, sell or store and we ensure items not wanted are disposed of, this is very important.

“Rome was not built in a day” is a popular quote, but in order to have the decluttering process handled efficiently, it’s important to seek professional help.

We at  take care of all activities related such as

Decluttering, Downsizing your home , packing and unpacking, cleaning and so forth.

Be rest assured if possessions are not needed, we will provide suitable options, only after getting a heads up from you and they will be relocated of your choice.

Our services include but first take advantage  of the Free consultation by us to help you create a new environment.


Sorting out the stuff. We go through your home  and clear out the unwanted to give you more space. We will not let you get side tracked and just move stuff around.


Getting rid of unwanted stuff. Accumulated items which are not needed can be treasures to somebody else or sold  given to family donated, recycled or put into storage. You are involved in all decision making.

Estate Settlements

The process of estate settlements needs to be handled very  delicately. We go through the house with you and lay out everything so family can take what has been left to them and then take what they want. The rest we sell, donate all under your say so.

Packing and Unpacking

You have decided to move. Allow us to help you with packing and ensuring  that delicate items are handled with care, and organize  the transport for removal and then help you unpack to a floor plan made prior to the move. We take away all unwanted boxes etc.


We can arrange a full Cleaning service on any jobs we are involved in.

With pricing starting from $200 for a half day our services will leave you declutted and organised, but for more information please see our FAQ section on our website.

Here’s an example of our transformation – from this:

To this:

Let help you get started with a plan of  what you want to achieve. We then look at end goal and work backwards on how we will make this happen all with in a realistic time frame.