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Furniture, Holidays or Cars – Tips to help you decide on the best options

It can be a complex decision when deciding how to spend your hard earned savings, especially when it involves big ticket items, like furniture, holidays or cars. Is it better to spend money on a tangible item like furniture or a car, or an experience such as a holiday? The decision can be overwhelming. However, what if you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other? Follow the below tips and you will see how you can potentially achieve everything, without having to sacrifice.

1. Choose something that is right, just for you

a. Furniture: Choose comfortable furniture that is right for you and your living environment now, but also in the future.  Good quality furniture has substantial warranties, which indicates that the manufacturer will stand behind its quality and durability. Therefore, choose furniture that will adapt from the home you have now, to the one you may downsize to in the future. The Anika from La-Z-Boy might be the perfect option, as is slimline but also has the functionality of a recliner. You also have the option of choosing different fabric options for each furniture item. Each manufacturer uses a grading system for fabric and leather, with each grade commanding a different price. Options are endless and could save you money.

b. Cars: Choose a car that suits the lifestyle you lead. If it’s only you using the car for short trips around town, choose a smaller, comfortbale car, with the added bonus it will probably be more fuel-efficient and easy to navigate around busy streets.

c. Holidays: Whilst a holiday to Europe may seem like something exciting and adventurous, first decide what you want to achieve from the holiday. It may be that a trip closer to home with family or friends, may be just the experience you’re after. You may even be able to splurge out on something else, like furntiure or a car.

2. Look for quality warranties and added benefits

a. Furniture: Choose furniture that has good warranties. Look for warranties on the fabric, frame and any mechansim. This way if you encounter issues along the way, you’ll feel secure the warranty will have you covered. La-Z-Boy have industry leading warranties, so check out their website for more information.

b. Cars: When buying a car, there’s always a concern that you’ll end up with a ‘lemon.’ However, if you choose a car with a strong warranty, and/or service plan, you’ll get the peace of mind to help with your decision.

c. Holidays: When it comes to holidays, finding ways to save money or get added benefits is a must. Look for credit cards with airline points or other privileges. That way you can save money and also get upgrades, like from economy to premium economy, or even lounge passes (such a treat when you’ve just flown long haul).  Little tips that help save time and money and can make your journey much more comfortable! 

As you can see, there are different ways to achieve everything you desire meaning you don’t have to sacrifice on comfort or quality. Spend the time researching and you will be astounded at how much you can save and benefit now and into the future.

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