100% Pure Warmth

Our country is known for many things including the All Blacks, Lord of the Rings and Pinot Noir. Sadly, it is not a country known for its home heating.

Our famous ‘she’ll be right’ mentality has seen Kiwis adopt spot heating from air conditioning units running in reverse. That’s right –  every winter thousands of families hunker down in one room, while a heat pump oscillates semi-warm air.  Extra jerseys, fan heaters and electric blankets are an all-too common sight in NZ in winter. Sleeping with beanies on is not only the norm for students at Otago University.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Central heating can warm your entire home and your domestic hot water more efficiently, for the same price as running two heat pumps.

There are many benefits to central heating. These include:

Comfort: Central heating is the only method that offers a total, whole-house warmth. Even in mid-winter it’ll be cosy and comfortable.

Efficient: Warm-water central heating systems are much more energy efficient than warm-air systems. They transfer energy at four times the rate of air.

Healthy: Warm-water central heating eliminates cold spots, drafts and damp. It can’t distribute irritating dust and allergens, unlike air circulation systems.

Flexible: We’ll match our products to your budget and lifestyle, to make sure you get the best results.



There are three key elements to a residential central heating system.


At the heart of the system is a heat-source. This is either a diesel boiler, gas boiler or air-to-water heat pump. The heat source warms water which is then circulated around your home. It’ll be placed somewhere convenient; like the laundry, garage or outside the home. View our heat sources


The emitters are the means of releasing heat into a home. They can be either underfloor heating, wall-mounted radiators, towel rails or fan-coils. Radiators are perfect for our changeable weather, as they can heat up and cool down quickly. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours, and can even be coloured to blend in or stand out. The only limitations are your imagination.

We love Delonghi’s Multicolonna radiators for modern builds, while Arroll’s vintage-themed radiators are easily retrofitted and don’t look out of place in villas.

Underfloor central heating provides the most luxurious form of heating. It doesn’t matter how high your ceilings are, whether carpet or tiles – underfloor heating provides warmth everywhere it is needed.  There are no cold spots, forced air or draughts unlike other heating solutions.


A wall-mounted control panel for your system will be installed in your home.  Most controllers have a simple thermostat so you can set your preferred temperature. View our controllers

Say goodbye to cold mornings! Programmable timers allow you to turn on the heating an hour before you wake up.  Smart models are Wifi compatible and can be operated via an app on your phone. If it’s an unexpected cold day you can turn up the temperature while you’re at work, so it’s extra cosy when you get home.


Over the years we’ve had many returning customers. One of our customers had retrofitted radiators into her home before the Christchurch earthquake, and came back to us when she was planning a new build.

Wall space for radiators was going to be a problem due to downsizing and her love of art and interior design. But this provided the ideal opportunity to install piping for underfloor central heating. She decided on an air-to-water heat pump as the heat source for the system. These are hassle-free without the refill requirements of diesel and LPG boilers.

She continues to enjoy the same luxurious heat in her second home, 12 years after her original installation. The air-to-water heat pump and underfloor heating solution we suggested provide a very efficient and effective central heating experience.

Read about some more of our projects, or get in touch with our team to discuss central heating for your home.