Vege garden tips, what to plant now

pexels-photo-115537As we head into the cooler months, it’s time to give our veggie gardens a bit of a reassessment. The harvest from Spring and Summer is now behind us, and we need to start thinking about what is going to really thrive in the colder weather – and bless us with some yummy treats throughout.

Follow our guide to planting correctly for April and further into Autumn, to make the most from your veggie patch.

Make sure to fork your garden bed, and add in some fertiliser before planting, so you’re giving your crops the best chance to grow into superstar performers that are delicious on the dining table.

Plant directly in your veggie patch

Want to know what seeds you should be sowing right now? Here’s the list of seeds to plant out in your veggie patch in April. Each of these seeds should be planted at around 3 times the depth of the seed itself.

Beans – broad beans and fava beans

  • Beginner gardener
  • Space 20cm apart
  • Grows to 0.5 to 1.7 metres tall
  • Pick at 12-22 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space your beets at 15cm apart
  • Pick at 7-10 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space at 20cm apart
  • Pick at 8-12 weeks

Pak choy

  • Beginner gardener
  • Space around 30cm apart
  • Pick at 6-11 weeks


  • Beginner gardenerhealthy-vegetables-restaurant-nature-large
  • Space around 10cm apart
  • Pick at 5-7 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space at 30cm apart
  • Pick at 5-11 weeks


  • Beginner gardeer
  • Space at 10cm apart
  • Pick at 6-9 weeks

Use seedlings

Don’t trust yourself with seeds? Pick up a punnet or two of these seedlings at your local nursery for a jump start in your veggie garden.

Brussel sprouts

  • Intermediate gardener
  • Space around 50cm apart
  • Pick at 14-28 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space around 30cm apart
  • Pick at 11-15 weeks


  • Intermediate gardener
  • Space around 30cm apart
  • Pick at 15-22 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space around 30cm apart
  • Pick at 7-9 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space at 15cm apart
  • Pick at 15-18 weeks


  • Beginner gardener
  • Space at 10 cm apart
  • Pick at 25-34 weeks

Other tips and tricks for your Autumn veggie garden

Make sure to see which veggies can be planted in the same garden bed, before you go ahead and start planting willy nilly. There are some types of veggies that thrive together, and some that simply hate being next to each other.

Certain types of varieties will grow bigger or smaller than others, and be wary of ornamentals, as they’re not for consumption!

Now put that green thumb to work,