New Roses 2020 – Part 2

Decoranza Rose Field

This month is the second part covering new rose releases for winter 2020. Keep an eye out for these and if you can’t find a source, email me ( and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Decoranza Rose Field

Mary Ann – Large cupped shaped quartered blooms of deep orange to apricot, strongly scented with a fruity scent. Medium growing, healthy with dark green, ribbed foliage. Available from Tasman Bay Roses or their resellers.

My Best Mate – another addition to the ‘My Rose’ collection from Bob Matthews, this rose would make a great gift for your best mate. Very free flowering, you will enjoy masses of rich red blooms all summer long. Even better, it is easy care with glossy green, very healthy foliage. Height 1.2 metres. Available from Matthews Nurseries Ltd or their resellers.

Newsflash – Wow, what a colour. A climber with vibrant clear orange scented blooms that will light up any wall, pergola or archway. Very healthy with good repeat. Height 2.8 metres. Available from Matthews Nurseries Ltd or their resellers.

Pixy® Lucky Stars – A welcome addition to the patio type roses, the free flowering plant is a mass of velvety true red blooms with a white ‘star’. Very healthy with dark green foliage. Height 70cm. Available from Amore Roses

Romanza® Rebecca Mary – Delightful blooms of peachy gold with a touch of buff. The ruffled blooms have a moderate scent and are produced in clusters. Medium growing with mid green glossy foliage. Height 1 metre. Available from Amore Roses

Silver Fern – If you love fragrant roses, this is for you. The large silvery-white frilled blooms are borne on long stems, making it great for picking. Height 1.2 metres. Available from Matthews Nurseries Ltd or their resellers.

Starlet Rose™ Elida® – Yellow is not a common colour in smaller growing climbing roses so this is a welcome addition to the range. The lemomn blooms have a hint of green and have a moderate scent. Free flowering and healthy with deep green glossy foliage. Height 1.8 – 2.2 metres. Available from Amore Roses

Starlet Rose™ Eva® – Masses of pure pink blooms smother the plant which is a compact healthy grower reaching 1.8 metres. Ideal for smaller gardens to provide vertical colour. Available from Amore Roses

Starlet Rose™ Lizzy® – A short growing climber with large, bright blooms of orange with red highlights. Can also be grown as a groundcover. Very healthy with deep green glossy foliage. Height 1 – 1.2 metres. Available from Amore Roses

Starlet Rose™ Melina® – If you want a fragrant, smaller growing climber, then this is for you. The violet coloured blooms are strongly scented and will fill the air with its perfume. Continously in flower all summer, the vigourous growing plant has glossy medium green healthy foliage. Available from Amore Roses

Thunderstruck – A real novelty, the chocolate orange striped cream blooms is like nothing you have seen before. Good for picking. Excellent health with super glossy leaves of bronze to deep olive green. Height 1.3 metres. Available from Matthews Nurseries Ltd or their resellers.

Truly Special – A special rose named and presented to breeder Rob Somerfield’s parents on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary. The rose pink blooms have a peach/apricot centre and opens to give an old fashioned appearance. A strong scent is an added bonus for this variety. A short, compact grower with great health. Available from resellers of Glenavon Roses.

Valerie Webster – Clusters of pure yellow blooms, lightly scented feature on a very healthy plant with glossy green foliage. Named in celebration of Zonta International’s Centennial year in 2019 and for their beloved past Governor Valerie Webster. Height 1.1m. Available from Matthews Nurseries Ltd or their resellers.

In the rose garden for June:

  • New seasons roses are store now, get in early to get the new and popular varieties before they sell out.
  • Plant new roses. Keep them moist before and after planting as dehydration is a leading cause of plant failure.
  • Continue to tidy up around the roses remove fallen leaves and debris and put in the rubbish. Do not compost.
  • For many areas, it is still a bit early to prune. You can however remove any dead or diseased wood early before the main pruning time arrives.
  • Check your secateurs are sharp before pruning and that other equipment like pruning saws and loppers are in good working order. A small wire brush is also useful for brushing the bud unions to encourage new growth.

Local rose societies around New Zealand hold free rose pruning demonstrations over the winter months, see NZ Roses for further details.

By Hayden Foulds

Hayden also serves as Deputy Chairman of the World Federation of Rose Societies Rose Trials Committee amongst other rose endeavours. 

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