Cooking with gadgets: A review of the Thermomix


GrownUps reviewer Grace had the chance to try out the Thermomix, an innovative kitchen appliance which combines the jobs of several different tools into one compact machine. Here’s her experience.


I enjoy trying out nifty kitchen tools and gadgets, so was excited to try out the Thermomix. For two weeks, my partner and I tried out a range of new recipes – for meals, snacks and desserts. Overall, we were really impressed with how easy it was to use and the range of dishes the Thermomix could create.

It was easy to whip up pantry staples like stocks and sauces, or treats like chocolate fudge and natural fruit sorbet. Along with the benefit of eating fresh, you have control over what actually goes into your food by making your own. This would be especially great for those of us who’ve been told to limit our salt intake or just want to reduce the preservatives we’re putting into our bodies.

The Thermomix would be perfect for people who have had to downsize to a smaller kitchen – or those of us lucky enough to be travelling the country in a motorhome or caravan. By combining steaming, cooking, sautéing, blending, kneading and mixing features into one compact machine, you can cut down on the number of appliances taking up precious bench real estate.

It’d also be great for older folks who are finding preparing meals to be more of a challenge, or anyone who lacks confidence in the kitchen. Using the Cookidoo recipes means each step of your recipe appears on your machine – so all you need to do is follow the directions and on-screen measuring scales, then push the right buttons. The machine takes care of the rest. It can also give more experienced cooks the confidence to try more complex recipes – even on weeknights – because of how simple the whole process is.

At $2469 per model, it definitely is an investment but it’s worth working out whether your household would save money on the weekly grocery shop by making more of your own food from scratch. If you often eat or splurge on good quality prepared foods, you may find that you’d save some serious dollars on your ongoing food bill.

I really enjoyed using the Thermomix and I’d recommend anyone who’s interested in a bit of electronic assistance in the kitchen to give the Thermomix a try. You can arrange a demonstration evening with a Thermomix representative, who visits you in your home and cooks a few recipes with you so you get a feel for if the Thermomix is something that you’d enjoy using.

For more information, see the Thermomix website.