Gifts for young adults – 6 great suggestions from the horses’ mouths!

blender smoothie maker

Remember those heady days when the grandchildren were little and gift-buying was easy? Those were the golden years when a paddling pool or soccer ball was sure to bring a smile to a face. But now those same grandchildren are young adults and, suddenly, coming up with a suitable gift for birthdays and Christmas isn’t so easy. In fact, it can be an absolute headache, especially if you don’t always want to give vouchers or cash.

We decided to take the bull by the horns and ask a bunch of 17-22 year-olds about the best gifts they’d received from grandparents in the last year. While some answers will surprise you, others will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of them yourself.

 Electric blanket


electric blanket - gift ideas“When I left home to go to uni at Otago, my grandparents gave me an electric blanket. At the time is seemed like a weird Christmas present. Now I wouldn’t be without it! I turn my blanket onto 3 and go to bed to study – everyone in my flat does the same and it saves heaps on power bills!” Oscar, North Shore

Personalised recipe book

recipe book

“My gran gave my the sweetest and most useful birthday present when I first went flatting. She’s very good at computer stuff and she put together a book of my favourite family recipes (including some photos from family parties and holidays), then found an online place to print and bind it. It’s amazing – like something you’d buy in a shop. My flatmates think it’s so cute! I think of Gran every time I use it.” Aimee, Carterton

Socks, jocks and chocs

socks“I’ve been given exactly the same birthday present from my grandparents every year since I turned 16 – and I love it! It’s two pairs of socks, two pairs of undies, and a box of chocolates (real ones – not Roses!). I know a lot of people might think that’s boring but it’s stuff you actually need (well, maybe not the chocs, but who doesn’t love a sugar hit!), and it’s things I don’t have to go out and buy myself. If they do ever get me something different, I think I’ll be disappointed!” Jayden, Napier

Smoothie maker

blender smoothie maker“So, I’m a nurse, and anyone who knows anything about nurses knows they have no time for lunch. My nana was a nurse too, so she knows this stuff, which is why she bought me a Bullet for Christmas. It’s totally brilliant! I whiz up something while I’m making breakfast, and shove it in the fridge when I get to work. Without this smoothie, I just wouldn’t be eating well. Oh, and I should add that whenever Gran and I meet up, she always has a kilo of frozen berries for me!” Imogen, Upper Hutt

Fishing licence

fishing license - gift ideas“I’m 17. Sport’s my thing – and fishing. By the time I’ve paid my rugby club fees and driven to ‘away’ cricket matches and tournaments, something has to go. So every year, when my grandparents want to know what I want for my birthday, I ask for the same thing – a fishing licence. And sometimes, Pop comes fishing too!” Lee, Invercargill


Do you have any great gift ideas for young adults? Share them in the comments!