How to organise your life (better) with Google Keep

Google Keep is the free easy-to-use notes app that blows other notes apps out of the water with its simplicity, versatility, and user-friendly interface. By using Google Keep, you can be safe in the knowledge that all your notes are stored in the cloud, so they can be retrieved even if you lose your phone, as they’re available to be accessed from any device, including your computer or iPad (once you log in that is!).

Today we check out just a few ways in which Google Keep is going to make your life more efficient.



Consolidate all your different ways to note take

Do you use a Notes app, use Post Its, or send text or voice messages to yourself to remind you of things? Google Keep has a much better way of taking notes. Within the app, you can take a note, add text, add a picture, add a quick drawing, add an audio note (which converts into text), or add a list, or add a title. It basically puts all the note taking that you’d do manually (taking a picture to remind you of something, writing down a quick note, doing a hasty shopping list, drawing a design doodle you dream up, or taking a voice note) in the one app, with everything available at a glance in a grid-like overview.


Keeping a list you use often

There are plenty of lists that you repeat a lot in life, such as holiday packing lists (summer/winter versions), a weekly staple shopping list, a Christmas organisation list, or a mega house cleaning list. By creating lists in Google Keep, you can easily see your list and whether items have been checked off or not – checked off items are simply seen “below the line”. This means once you’ve completed the items on your list you can uncheck them again, ready for next time you use the list. Add or remove list items when they’re no longer necessary.


Set location-based reminders

We’ve all been to the shop before, done our shopping, and made it home simply to curse ourselves out for forgetting something at the store. If you use location-based reminders, this is never going to be an issue – well, so long as you have your phone on you with Google location settings on. In Google Keep you have the ability to add a reminder to your notes, one that is location-based. That means that the next time you head to Westfield Riccarton you have a reminder go off on your phone to pop into Kiehls and pick up some new moisturiser – since you took a picture of your empty bottle and set a reminder for Westfield!


The app is part of the Google suite of products, so requires you to have a Google or Gmail account. Download it to your mobile device via the App Store on Apple or the Android Play Store, or open up Google Keep via your browser on your computer to access it.