5 best engaging MP3 music android apps of 2017

There are certain items we don’t leave home without and these are cellphone, keys, wallet, and headphones are top of the list. How can you possibly enjoy commuting to work without your favourite music decorating the bus ride, or maybe the subway? The chances of having a very long and boring journey are greatly reduced if you are listening to your favourite artist, a podcast or even the radio.

The second question to consider is how to obtain your favourite music. CDs are not completely the past but definitively reserved for larger spaces and special occasions. It is true that they can give you very high-quality sound and are the option to choose for gatherings and some other events. But what about the everyday music that does not need to be played at a high volume, that may just be for entertainment and to make journeys easier.

For those cases, there are several music apps for free downloading of MP3 songs that can help you find great music and store in your phone without sacrificing too much space and also without compromising quality. Here are some of the choices:

iTube Music

The best part of this app is that you can continue listening to your songs while using Whatsapp or Facebook. The annoying part of stopping your favourite song because of an incoming message is over with this. It is also a very nice option if your bandwidth plan is limited or if you live in a place with limited reception because it saves bandwidth and loading times. They do not store your personal info, keeping privacy to the max.

Music Maniac

With this app, you can download tons of mp3s directly to the memory of your Android phone, which means you will not need Internet connection later to listen to it, that´s the whole idea of downloading. You can search your favourite songs and check if they are already available for free.

Free Mp3 downloads

This app will show you songs that are licensed as “free to use.” You just have to write whatever artist’s name in the search bar and enjoy all the singles they have offered already for free. You can also play other mp3 files that you have on your phone, so the app is not only downloader but also a music player.

Gtune Music downloader

An excellent feature this app offers is a “preview” of the song you are downloading. Thanks to this you can cancel a file and stop the downloading process if you change your mind. It also has a very user-friendly interface that allows you search and download files quickly.

Supercloud song Mp3 downloader

This is clearly one of the best options to download music to your phone. With a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily search, find and download the singles of your favourite artist in a few seconds. It also has the “preview” feature when connected to the web, and you can also have the album cover information.