Getting the most out of your Wi-Fi

When you stop to think about the amount of connected devices in households vs only 10 years ago, we’re expecting more and more from our connectivity in our homes. Getting them working together can sometimes feel like you need to be a rocket scientist.

It all starts with your Wi-Fi. This is the heart of your connected home.

How to make the most of your Wi-Fi

  • Lifestyles have changed since the first routers and the number of devices on any one network have increased substantially, calling for a bigger demand on high performance routers
  • Make sure you’re using the latest hardware to transfer data across your devices at max speed
  • A good quality router, not just the free one from your provider, will ensure you are getting the best possible experience

Find the best spot for your router

  • Don’t expect to get great data transfer speeds if your router is hid at the back of the house in a closet. Most routers need to be out loud and proud to work best
  • If the optimum spot is on a space where there’s no tables, wall mount it and position the antennas perpendicular
  • Use longer ethernet cables and cable clips to keep set up clean and tidy

Try to position away from interference from other appliances

  • Using a dual band router can help, or simply position the router away from appliances like microwaves, remotes, refrigerators etc
  • Think of bands as AM/FM on the radio

Monitor the amount of users on your Wi-Fi system

  • Protect your Wi-Fi from freeloading neighbours by setting up proper password protection
  • An extra level of protection is hiding the SSID so users who want to connect have to manually enter the network name
  • Use software like the Trend Micro Home Network Security System to monitor and manage use and users
  • Increase Wi-Fi range or capacity using an extender or booster (explained in next section)

Differences between boosters and extenders

Wi-Fi boosters and extenders have the same purpose: To improve network coverage. How they do this is different, and each has their own purpose.

Wi-Fi Booster

  • Increases incoming Wi-Fi signal, increases transmit power
  • Expands your frequency band and capacity to allow more data to pass through, delivering faster download speeds

Wi-Fi Extender

  • Also called Range Repeaters
  • Extends the internet connection across a larger area
  • Will usually create a second network to carry the data from one router to the other

Mesh Wi-Fi Networking Systems

Mesh Wi-Fi, or a wireless mesh network is a communications network made up of radio nodes organised in a mesh topology.

Devices interconnect with each other using these radio nodes to send and receive data. They use the mesh network like how a vehicle would travel on a highway to get from destination A to destination B.

Simply put, mesh Wi-Fi is multiple routers connecting with each other to send and receive data via the same network, using the closest router to send and receive data to the device.

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