Feeling lost at sea with tech?

When you’re feeling stranded, it’s Noel Leeming Tech Solutions to the rescue!

We know the feeling – new technology can leave you feeling totally lost! It’s like you’re suddenly stranded on a teeny tiny dingy, out in the middle of the ocean, the waves lapping, the gulls cawing. You have no idea which way to go (even if you had a paddle!) That might mean you end up leaving your shiny new toy in the corner gathering dust, or find using it far more frustrating that it needs to be.

You probably know Noel Leeming as a retailer, but it also has another side – Noel Leeming Tech Solutions – and they’re coming to the rescue.

They’re tech experts, who can make sure you’ve chosen the right technology, and that it’s properly set up. Then, they’ll help you understand how to use it, and troubleshoot issues, so you get the most out of your new gadgets.

Here’s how it works!

Proper set up

Whether you’ve just purchased a new desktop computer or your dream smart fridge, Noel Leeming wants to make sure it’s all ready to go. No more struggling with instruction manuals or wondering which wire goes where – the tech solutions specialists will come to your home, unbox and set up your new gadget. They’ll connect it to your WiFi and any other devices (like your smart phone or printer), set up any services (like Netflix or your Telco), then transfer data from any old devices. They’ll even take away the packaging!

Make the most of your new gadgets

You don’t have to stay feeling adrift when you come up against issues with new technology. From smart fridges and washers to the very latest in computer hardware, Noel Leeming Tech Solutions can help you make the most of your new appliances and gadgets. Sign up for a free consultation, get bigger toys delivered and properly set up, and with training, support and repairs from Noel Leeming tech experts, you’re good to go! It’s about giving you the confidence and support you need, so you have two feet on dry land and can really enjoy your new gadgets

Training, support and repairs

Sometimes to get things working the way they should all it takes is a little knowledge. Noel Leeming Tech Solutions are on the case with one-on-one  learning sessions either in store or in your home. A tech expert will give you the full run-down so you feel totally confident with what you’re doing – no more frazzled calls to the grandkids!

You can book your learning session in store, or call 0800 555 989. Noel Leeming Tech Solutions also repair a range of technology and you can get its Kiwi-based experts on the phone to help you troubleshoot issues seven days a week, during business hours. Choose one-off help desk support, or sign up to the 12-month plan which gets you unlimited access.


Feeling totally at sea? The friendly Noel Leeming Tech Solutions team are standing by to tow you back to dry land! Talk to them in store or online now.