Making Driving Fun Again

If you haven’t taken a new car for a test-drive in a while, you could be in for a surprise. Things have changed – and definitely for the better. Engines are now smaller and more efficient, handling has improved, and technology has made driving easier and more enjoyable.

 With unmatched small car know-how, Suzuki leads the pack in the rise of the compact SUV, and their latest offering, the Ignis is unlike anything. There’s no question as to why it’s picking up awards – it’s literally in a category of its own!

Ignis takes most of its styling cues from SUVs (that’s Sports Utility Vehicles to you and me) but combines them with a touch of cool retro. If you had to sum it up, you might say it looks like a tough little goer with more style than most. Colour-wise there’s plenty of choice including four two-tone models (red, white, orange and blue) topped off with a classy super-black roof.

Inside, two things strike you at once; how easy it is to get in, and how spacious it is considering how compact it looks. In part, this is due to a higher, more upright seat position. If, like me, your joints start aching at the mere thought of clambering in and out of low-slung seats, you’ll find Ignis a breath of fresh air. Its sensible seating also improves driver visibility.

And if you thought the word ‘compact’ meant cramped, guess again. With its smaller engine and clever use of space, Ignis is surprisingly roomy for its very tidy footprint.

But what makes Ignis a real joy to drive, is its sure-footed agility and easy handling. Steering is light and responsive while its 1.2 litre DUALJET VVT engine has plenty of oomph when you need it. This is delivered through a 5-speed manual for superb control, or an impossibly smooth continuously variable automatic.

Of course the Ignis range has all the latest mod-cons and safety features you’d expect – six airbags, cruise control, speed limiter, Sat Nav, reverse camera, Bluetooth, outstanding fuel efficiency (4.7-4.9L/100km*) and a whole lot more.

But the real joy of this car is in the driving. You really do owe it to yourself to try one.

And right now, that’s easier than ever. Until 31 August 2018, you can enjoy $1,000 off all Ignis models. Prices start from $17,990 plus on-road costs, or just $81 per week including a 3 year service plan on no deposit finance (terms, conditions and apply, see for more information).

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*ADR 81/02 results for combined cycle. Fuel consumption will vary due to factors such as vehicle condition, driving style and traffic conditions.