Joke: How do you spell it?


The ElefartA young lady was eating lunch alone at a restaurant and couldn’t help overhearing a discussion among four men at a neighboring table.

Said the first man, “Just spell it the simplest possible way: W-O-O-M.”

“There’s a B in it, you dope,” said the second. “It’s spelled W-O-O-M-B.”

“You don’t have enough letters,” objected the third. “I think it ought to be spelled W-O-O-O-M-M-B.”

“Nonsense,” said the fourth. “It’s ridiculous to put in all those letters. Besides, there’s a final R. It’s W-O-M-B-R-R.”

The young lady could stand it no more. Having finished her meal, she approached the other table and said, “Gentlemen, if you’ll consult the dictionary, you’ll find that the word is spelled W-O-M-B. That’s all.” And she walked away.

The men gazed after her with astonishment.

“Do you suppose she’s right?” asked one.

“How can she be?” said a second. “A slip of a girl like that! I’m sure that never in her whole life has she heard an elephant fart!”