Joke: You’re looking pretty today

A woman in her 30’s was taking her mother, who was in her 50’s to the gynaecologist. After dropping her mother off, the daughter and granddaughter ran a few errands, then returned to the doctor.

While the older woman had her feet in the stirrups, the doctor remarked, “Don’t we look pretty today”, as he performed his examination. The lady was quite shocked but said nothing.

When her daughter and grandshild picked her up, she was quite upset. The following conversation ensued:

Mother: “Do you know what that doctor said to me? He said, “Don’t we look pretty today”, while he was looking between my legs! Do you think that was appropriate?”

Daughter: “No! Are you sure he wasn’t referring to your hairstyle or something?”

Mother: “Well, it still wasn’t appropriate or professional. I wonder if it could be considered sexual harassment. What do you think?”

night-portrait-canon-flash-74472Daughter: “I don’t know. Were you embarrassed?”

Mother: “I was very embarrassed. I used some of your Feminine Deodorant Spray this morning, and he may have smelled that, but I still don’t think he should have commented!”

Daughter: “I don’t have any Feminine Deodorant Spray.”

Mother: “Why sure you do! In the blue can that was on the back of the toilet. I used some before the appointment…”

Granddaughter: “That’s my Barbie Golden Glitter Hair Spray!”