Joke: A warning message

Joke parrot burglar

A burglar carefully sneaks through the window of seemingly empty house.

He spots a fancy TV and sound system and starts unplugging everything.

He’s suddenly startled by a voice, “Jesus is watching you.”

Frightened, he looks around the room to find the speaker. Seeing nobody, he puts it down to his imagination and continues packing up the electronics.

But again he hears, “Jesus is watching you.”

This time he looks more carefully and notices a parrot in a cage in the corner of the room.

Joke parrot burglar

Immediately relieved, he asks the parrot, “Did you say that?”


The parrot answers, “Jesus is watching you.”

“Oh you stupid parrot; who do you think you are!” says the burglar.

The parrot squawks back, “My name is Goliath! My name is Goliath!”

Feeling a bit silly, the burglar says, “well who on Earth names a parrot Goliath?!”

The burglar decides to ignore the parrot and get out of the house.

He starts to walk out of the room when he hears a strange noise.

The parrot finally answers, “The same kind of people that name a pit bull Jesus.”