How to harness the power of crystals and gemstones


From the healing properties of clear quartz to the protective aura of black tourmaline, people have been harnessing the powers of crystals and gemstones since ancient times. Whether you enjoy their beauty and symbolism or are a believer in the healing powers of crystals, they’re just as relevant today as they were centuries ago. Why not experiment with how Mother Nature’s treasures could enrich your life?

Personal talismans

Whether you string a chunk of amethyst around your neck, slip a piece of citrine into your wallet or place a sliver of clear quartz under your pillow, crystals and gemstones can serve as powerful personal talismans. Your amulets can be hand-picked to reflect your own personal needs. For example, you might choose rose quartz as a symbol of peace and harmony, and as a reminder to open your heart to others, whether giving or receiving love. Its soothing properties can also be a unique way to achieve a sense of inner calm and guide yourself through stressful situations.

Harness healing properties

If there’s one crystal you should covet when it comes to healing powers it’s clear quartz. This translucent mineral is known as the ‘Master Healer’ and can be used on both a physical and emotional level. Amethyst, a purple-hued crystal that ranged in shades of light lilac to rich violet, is known for its cell regeneration properties, and is also coveted for its ability to help with insomnia and mood swings.


Full moon cleanses

Crystals and gemstones absorb energy which means it’s important to regularly cleanse them of any negative vibrations. The best way to do this is by giving your treasures a full moon ‘bath’ to wash away any negative energy that have absorbed. The next day bring them back inside and recharge them with your positive intentions.

Connect with your divine consciousness

Many crystals and gemstones, including amethyst, resonate with the third eye, which opens pathway to connect with your divine consciousness and higher intuition. If you’re feeling somewhat lost and want to bring a sense of clarity to your life, amethyst could help create a sense of transparency.


Coveted for its protective properties, black tourmaline is a dramatic stone that can be used to ward off negative energy and harmful intentions. Place one in every room of your house, as well as next to electronic devices and gadgets to absorb harmful EMF frequencies. Amethyst is known as the ‘travellers stone’ which makes it a formidable talisman for globetrotters.

Manifest money

Feeling a little overdrawn? Citrine is a stunning yellow stone that conjures prosperity and abundance. In fact, it’s known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ and can help overcome financial obstructions and unlock new opportunities.


Are you a crystal and gemstone believer or an ardent sceptic? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the benefits of crystals and gemstones so go ahead and share in the comments below.