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FashionWe all like to feel good. As we age, we have the experience to know our own personal style, but most gals still wonder regularly, ‘what should I wear’? Those four little words are not a lament, rather a desire to arrive somewhere and feel comfortable, appropriate and confident.

Of course, trite as it may sound, the best thing to wear is always a smile. Any outfit looks better with one!

That aside, let’s check through a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion.

Do ask

If you are invited to an event, be it a casual lunch, a party or other social occasion, it is fine to inquire what the dress code is. It can be a very casual inquiry, ‘so will I be fine in jeans?’ or funny, ‘do I need to get my ball gown dry-cleaned?’ or even simple and direct, ‘is there a dress code?’

Do feel comfortable

Movie theatres, planes and hotels are frequently cold. Take an extra layer just in case. A scarf is a wonderful accessory to add colour and texture to an outfit and will be warmer than an exposed neck.

Dress for yourself

Even if you live alone, make an effort each day to get dressed properly. Some mothers of young children, who find it hard to find a reason to dress up, do ‘Frock Up Fridays,’ where no matter what they wear for the rest of the week, or what they have planned on Friday, put on a dress, heels and do their hair properly, just because. Feeling great can be a real morale booster, and it’s fun to think of reasons to dress for. Try Beautiful Book Club, Babes Go Bowling, Classy Craft Morning, Furs For Friday….

Buy what’s comfortable

If this year’s waistline is low, and you don’t like it, don’t wear it. Similarly, if everyone is wearing emerald green, and that particular shade makes you look like you are coming down with a nasty bug, give it a miss. Choose fabrics and colours that you feel great in.

Make sure your clothes fit well

If you have gained or lost more than 5kg, it is time to re-evaluate your wardrobe. Don’t squeeze into, or swim in clothes that are the wrong size. It is unflattering and will do nothing for your morale.

Your mother was right. Stand up straight. Clothes will always look better hanging on good posture.

Your father was right too. A good soldier always looks after his (or her) feet. Wear comfortable and feminine shoes. People notice.

Feel pretty all over

Wear beautiful underwear that fits well. Again, choose underwear that fits you well and replace it regularly. Clothing is not as expensive as it once was, and good underwear can make or break an outfit. It can hide (or accentuate) a multitude of sins.

If nothing else ladies; wear perfume. Smelling lovely is a treat, and we all deserve one. Just a wee spray can last all day and finish off an outfit wonderfully.

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