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Video: US rapper surprises his grandma on her 100th birthday creating an emotional video

US rapper Macklemore definitely made his grandmother feel glorious.

The Seattle native surprised his grandma Helen in California for her 100th birthday and created a music video for his new single Glorius’ on their day together.

Right away things get emotional when he turns up at her door surprising her. “You made me cry,” she said, upon seeing her grandson.
The musician then informs his grandmother that his only plans for the day are to do anything she wants to do.

“Anything?” she asks. “Oh God, I want to do it all.” And so they did.

The rest of the video sees the 34-year-old gifting his adorable grandmother a new ride, and the two proceeding to act like rebellious teenagers.

The two certainly live by the lyrics Macklemore raps in the song: “I got a new attitude and a lease on life…I find I can sleep when I die.”

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