Video: DIY fire starters

Make your own fire starters and waterproof matches and you will never be caught out in the cold again.

You will need:
– Candles, or any wax
– Paper egg carton
– Laundry lint
– Scissors or box cutter

Melt any leftover candles or wax available.
In an egg carton, place a cotton ball amount of lint into each pod.
Pour in melted wax until lint is fully submerged.
Let it dry and then cut each pod.
Light the edge on fire and place it in the fire pit.

Match Candles

You will need:
– Matches
– Toilet paper
– Melted wax

Take one piece of toilet paper and cut it in half.
Roll the paper onto the match.
Dip the match into the melted wax and let it dry.
Before striking the match, make sure to scrape off the watch from the match head.

Fire Balls

You will need:
– Cotton balls
– Isopropyl / rubbing alcohol
– Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

Soak the cotton ball in alcohol. Squeeze the excess out.
Coat each cotton ball with petroleum jelly.
Keep it in a safe container.
Prior to lighting, make sure not to directly hold the cotton ball.
Place the cotton ball in the fire pit and carefully drop the match to ignite the fire balls.

Source Nifty by BuzzFeed