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Video – All that we share

A TV advert for a Danish TV station has struck a cord with viewers around the world.

It shows dozens of diverse people enter a room and then stand in groups. Everyone appears to belong to a select group. People dressed as nurses stand together in their own area, as do those in suits, football fans or people with tattoos.

The voiceover explains: ‘It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us and there’s them, the high earners and those just getting by.

‘Those we trust and those we try to avoid. There are those we share something with and those we don’t share anything with.’

An experiment then begins…

Hundreds of people have commented on the heartwarming nature of the advert.

One commenter said: ‘.As an American living in Denmark, this video reflects the Danish spirit and sensibility which I consider a resource for the rest of the world.