Why you shouldn’t skip hand-written Christmas cards this year

Christmas cards have been around for centuries, though it wasn’t until the “Golden Age” of printing that they really took off. Back in 1843 a pair of British entrepreneurs illustrated and printed the world’s first commercial Christmas cards. Each was sold for a shilling, and by the 1900s Christmas cards had crystallised as a bona fide festive tradition.

Then came the age of digitalisation. In a time where emails and text messages are now the norm, Christmas cards are starting to lose their relevance. Which is tragic, because the simple act of penning a hand-written greeting card can bring immense pleasure to someone’s holiday season. In fact, you could say that a simple card shuns commercialisation and captures the true spirit of what Christmas is all about.

Feeling inspired? Here’s a few reasons why handwritten cards should definitely make an appearance on your Christmas “to do” list.

Beat the winter blues

Often, something as simple as a handwritten Christmas card can absolutely make someone’s day. You may not have seen them for months or even years, but the gesture alone lets them know that somebody is thinking of them. And don’t forget, Christmas can be a tough time for some. From mourning the loss of a spouse to suffering from depression, the “silly season” can often be the exact opposite. Which means small gestures are even more meaningful.

Return the favour

If someone makes the effort to handwrite a Christmas card and pop it in the mail, no doubt they’d love to receive one in return. In fact, the latest research from Hallmark confirms that almost three-quarters of consumers send holiday greeting cards because they know how good it feels to receive Christmas wishes. So, when putting together your list be sure to include anyone who sent you a Christmas card the previous year.

Give back this Christmas

Christmas is an important season for charities, so why not make a difference this year? When choosing your Christmas cards look for products that sponsor charities or donate all profits to a good cause. Like these gorgeous eco-friendly cards from WWF. Festive and FSC approved. Guaranteed this will bring warm fuzzies to both you and your recipients.

Give yourself permission to unplug

From Facebook to TV, it’s all too easy to spend hours staring at a screen. Handwriting a batch of Christmas cards gives you permission to step away from the screen and unplug for a few hours. Brew yourself a pot of tea, throw on your favourite Christmas album and get writing. If you want to make it a social occasion why not invite a neighbour around for afternoon tea of get the grandkids to help out?

Help your loved ones decorate

At the very least, Christmas cards make for great decorations. There’s nothing quite as festive as a mantelpiece decorated with a colourful line of holiday cards. While digital greetings are read and appreciated, Christmas cards bring joy for weeks on end.

Will you be sending Christmas cards this year? Or are you well and truly on the digital bandwagon? We’d love to hear your thoughts!