How environmentally friendly are you at home? Take this quiz to find out

nature-sky-sunny-cloudsIf you want to take steps to help the environment, the first place to start in your own home. How shrewd are when it comes to taking care of the environment at home? Take the quiz below to find out. Each item you answer yes for you receive a point, tally them up and check your results at the end.

At home I…

Household Energy Use

1.Turn off lights and electrical devices at the wall, including the computer when leaving a room.

2. Keep filters on air conditioners clean.

3. Replaced all the light bulbs in your house with Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.

Note: If not already using Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, they are well worth it. These may cost a little bit more, but they last much longer and will reduce your energy consumption.

Reduce Paper Consumption

4. Use cloth towels and napkins rather than paper.

5. I use the Internet to get news rather than buying a newspaper.

6. I have a ‘No Circulars’ sign on my mail box

Water Consumption

7. I avoid buying bottled water and use a filtered water container or attachment. (Filtered water eliminates many harmful chemicals and tastes better anyway!)

8. I turn the tap off when brushing my teeth – only turning it on to rinse.

9. I used the rule “when it’s yellow let it mellow” or use the half flush option on the toilet.

10. I wash only full loads of clothes and use cold water instead of hot or warm same with using a dishwasher.

11. I buy chemical free cleaning products and detergents and use natural cleaning alternative such as baking soda and vinegar where possible.

Buy Local and in season whenever possible

12. I visit farmer’s markets and buy fruit and vegetables in season from supermarkets rather than buying imported products. Double points if you grow your own.

13. If possible I buy organic.


14. I make a compost from vegetable and food scraps, grass clippings and leaves. Bonus points if you have a worm farm!

Reduce and Recycle

15. I reduce and recycle all of the household paper, plastic and glass and try not to purchase items with needless packaging such as takeaway cups, plastic bags etc. when possible.


16. I walk, cycle or take public transport where possible.



14+ points: Congratulations you are an eco warrior

9 – 13 points:Well done you are being eco friendly but cane make a few changes to become even better.

1 – 8 points: You’re on your way to becoming more eco friendly well done, a few more changes to go though.