pexels-photo-164425The Internet Safety Group?

NetSafe – The Internet Safety Group is an independent non-profit organisation that provides cybersafety and online security education for all New Zealanders. NetSafe is strategically aligned with the Ministry of Education and works with children, parents, early childhood education services, schools, community organisations, businesses and individuals.

NetSafe currently has a staff of 11, and is supported by a wider consultative group (called The Internet Safety Group) which includes representatives from the Ministry of Education, schools, the New Zealand Police, the Police Youth Education Service, the Judiciary, the Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Customs Service, community organisations, businesses, and parents.

Although its offices are in Auckland, NetSafe provides services throughout New Zealand.

Currently NetSafe delivers education and support in a number of ways including: NetSafe provides a comprehensive website addressing a variety of online safety and security issues. The website has information for children, parents, community groups, schools, counsellors and businesses.

National free helpline and contact centre NetSafe runs a national contact centre on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723) or The NetSafe Contact Centre operates Monday to Friday 8:00am-6:00pm and receives calls from both children and adults about text bullying and a range of other online issues

Hector’s World™ Hector Protector® is an animated cybersafety ambassador for children. The Hector’s World website ( ) offers cybersafety animated episodes, free colouring-in books and activities as well as online puzzles.

The Hector Safety Button Available free from the NetSafe website, the Hector Safety Button is an animated character that swims onscreen as children surf the internet or use email. If children come across something that is upsetting or confusing online, they can click on the small animated icon of Hector Protector and an underwater scene will cover the screen and encourage them to get help from a parent.

The NetSafe programme for schools NetSafe works with schools to help create a cybersafe environment for students and staff. NetSafe has also recently begun to develop material for the tertiary and early childhood education sectors.

Training and presentations NetSafe offers a range of training modules and cybersafety presentations to schools, businesses and communities around New Zealand. Check out the NetSafe website for more information.

Articles and research NetSafe writes and collaborates on a range of research and articles to help educate New Zealanders about keeping safer online. This includes the Girls on the Net (2001) and Text Generation (2005) studies, which investigate how and why young people use ICT. Such research provides valuable information about the risks that young people are currently facing online.

How is it funded? NetSafe is an independent, non-profit organisation, whose work is made possible by the generosity of a formidable and broad ranging group of sponsors. In recognition of the work NetSafe does with New Zealand schools, a large part of the organisation’s funding comes from the Ministry of Education.

How can I get their help? You can get in contact with NetSafe in a variety of ways:
• Visit the website and contact them by emailing from the site.
• Phone the NetSafe Contact Centre and text bully line on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723). The NetSafe Contact Centre operates 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
• Email the NetSafe Contact Centre on The contact centre is staffed by experienced people who can help with a range of issues including text bullying/cyberbullying, scams and online shopping queries, online security issues and more.
• PO 9386, Newmarket, 1149; Level 3, 130 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland.
How much does it cost? NetSafe’s support services are free (although some of the training modules do have a cost). This is made possible by the generous sponsorship of NetSafe by the Ministry of Education and other strategic sponsors.

Link to NetSafe
This is an excellent website with lots of relevant information about how to keep your family safer online.
Don’t forget to visit Hector Protector® and his underwater friends.