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Book Reviews

Night School

When everyone is lying, who can you trust? This tense gripping thriller is The Secret History for the young adult set!

The Prisoner

One of Henderson's Boys has been taken prisoner! The fifth adventure in the Henderson's Boys series: find out how CHERUB began!

Taste – Sweet Feast

Sweet Feast is just that - a veritable feast of award-winning food writer Julie Biuso's favourite and most popular dessert recipes.

The Real Katie Lavender

The sparkling new novel from bestselling author Erica James. At 30, Katie Lavender thinks she is better than most when it comes to dealing with life's surprises.

Remembering – A Mosaic of Memories

At the age of 92, Ynys Fraser got to wondering how many others of her age were still around in the Rotorua district. She advertised, inviting the over-90s to join her at a celebration that she organised. Fifty-three responded; 49 attended.