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Book Reviews

Sycamore Row

John Grisham, author of the international bestseller A Time to Kill, returns to Ford County with this suspenseful sequel to his very first novel.

Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Polynesia

"Come to Samoa for its beaches, it's crystalline blue Pacific waters and stunning mountain landscapes, come for its sleepy relaxing nature and to laugh and laze in its endless tropical warmth but make sure you also come for the food!" enthuses Robert Oliv

Sophie Pascoe – Stroke of Fate

Losing a leg in a lawnmower accident would be catastrophic for most people. But swimming star Sophie Pascoe believes it's the best thing that has happened to her. This is her story.


2013 sees the publication of Martina Cole's twentieth novel, and with Revenge she is back and better than ever. It's dangerous, thrilling and compulsive...

Just One Evil Act

Barbara Havers puts her career on the line while DI Thomas Lynley attempts to straighten her out before it's too late.

The Quest

From the dusty archives of the Vatican to the overgrown jungles of Ethiopia, an unlikely crew of four begins a deadly search for the Holy Grail.

The Real Mrs Brown

The authorised biography of Brendan O'Carroll, based on extensive interviews with the hugely popular star of Mrs Brown's Boys.

The Weather Machine

Once upon a time, in a world not so different to ours, a little blue man decides to create a machine to control the weather. It all goes terribly wrong.

Gobble You Up

In this folk tale from India, a wily jackal tricks his best friend crane into catching 12 fish. He selfishly scoffs the lot then gobbles up crane as well.