Abigail and the Restless Raindrop


AbigailIn this enchanting new picture book by Matthew Cunningham we meet Abigail, a curious little girl.

On a rainy morning she puts on her raincoat and gumboots, jumps into puddles, squelches her boots in the sticky, slimy mud and thinks of a very big question:

‘Mummy, where does the rain come from?

Her mother invents a story about a little drop of water who lived in a lake with her family and yearned to fly. On a sunny day, her wish comes true. She gets warmer and warmer, begins to feel as light as a feather, turns into a puff of steam and floats into the sky. But eventually she misses her family in the sparkling lake. When the weather cools, she joins hands with other puffs of steam floating nearby to form a raincloud. She turns into a little drop of summer rain and falls back down to earth.

The beautiful gentle illustrations show Abigail following the little raindrop on its journey. She takes a boat ride with her Mother to see where the little raindrop lives. Then she climbs a tree and watches the puff of steam rising into the sky, When the weather changes again and rainclouds gather it is time to go home. She puts her umbrella up as raindrops start to fall.

I think Abigail and the Restless Raindrop is such a clever and imaginative way to explain to a young child the marvel of movement of water around the earth and the hydrologic water cycle.

Matthew Cunningham was inspired to write it to actively encourage children to be curious, to daydream, and to ask the big questions.

Abigail and the  Restless Raindrop is by Matthew Cunningham. Illustrated by Sarah Wilkins. Publisher: Penguin Random House NZ. RRP 19.99.

Reviews by Lyn Potter

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