DIY: Create your own individual coat rack using vintage spoons

I’ve always loved using weird and wonderful objects in a new way. My latest project is creating coat racks using vintage spoons. No strength required, I promise!

All you need is the following:

  • Piece of recycled native timber
  • Sandpaper or plane
  • Varnish
  • Clamps
  • Pole
  • However many spoons (or forks) you need
  • Drill and screws


As I’m gibbing different rooms in the house, I’m taking off every second rimu panel underneath the sarking. It doesn’t compromise the integrity of the wall, and it creates more space to tuck in much-needed insulation into this windy, creaking beast of a villa.

First step is to select a piece of timber. I used rimu as that’s what I’m taking out of the walls, but any native timber will do.

I was super lazy and didn’t cut it, just squared it off and gave it a sand. You may need to put your wood through a planer if it’s really gnarly, but generally a sand will do.

Next, varnish it with whatever stain or look you want. I went with a clear varnish to show the rimu natural grain.

Place the spoons on the wood where you want them to go, and mark it in some way so you know where you need to drill the holes for the spoons. I used vintage spoons from my local op shop, which cost me $1 each. 

Bending the spoons is really easy. Set up 2 clamps on a  flat surface and clamp in a pole, about the thickness your forefinger and thumb makes when you make a circle.  The larger thickness your pole is, the larger the bend in your spoon. 

Loosen off the clamps so you can tuck a spoon underneath the pole, and as shown in the picture, just bend it up. I can do it with two fingers so you don’t need much strength to do this at all.

Once you’ve bent your spoons (or forks if you prefer) to the desired shape, take a drill and drill holes in the middle of the spoons so you can attach them to your board. Pre-drilling is always easier than trying to fix them straight off to your board. There’s less chance of a slip that way.

Then presto! Hand up your new recycled coat rack.  This can look really effective with large vintage serving cutlery as well.