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13 genius ways to reuse old coffee grinds

Coffee the soul-warming beverage, the elixir of life and also the producer of used coffee grinds.

There are in fact many uses for coffee grounds: from in the garden through to facial treatments! Here are some brilliant uses that will get you thinking about your morning coffee – or have you scouting around for free grinds from local cafes!

  1. As a fertiliser – For gardeners who can talk about fertilisers in N-P-K language, the coffee grounds are 2.5 – 0.3 – 0.6. Various studies have different numbers but what it shows is the grounds are not highly concentrated as a fertiliser, with much more nitrogen (N) than anything else. That’s good for leaf growth but it isn’t going to do much for flowering or fruiting. Blending coffee grinds and wood ash from your fire (untreated timber of course) would add more balance and result in a pretty good general fertiliser.