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ZOOM Pharmacy Health Tips

September – Allergies

Spring is here! For most it is the end of cold winter days and the beginning of new spring growth. But, for those of you who suffer from allergies, the never-ending sneezing, runny nose and itchy watery eyes are just beginning.

During springtime trees, grasses and weeds release pollen into the air. Your immune system treats pollen as a threat, causing a release of a hormone called histamine into the blood, which in turn triggers those dreaded allergy symptoms.

So what can you do about it?

Steering clear of pollen is almost impossible to do, but there are ways to reduce your exposure and minimise allergic reactions:

  • Close windows during the day to prevent pollen wafting in
  • Clean your air conditioner filters as they could be blowing pollen around inside your home
  • Pollen levels tend to be the highest in the morning, so avoid walking outside amongst trees, grasses and weeds at that time
  • Use antihistamines

If you suffer from spring allergies, did you know your doctor can simply write an antihistamine prescription for you? You can then send this prescription along with any others you have to ZOOM Pharmacy. ZOOM will dispense then deliver your antihistamines, as well as your other prescription meds, direct to your door. Easy! And a lot cheaper than having to make special trips to the pharmacy to purchase expensive over the counter antihistamines. Call 0508 966 696 Monday-Friday 7AM-6PM to speak to a ZOOM pharmacist to find out more.

August – Dry Skin

As we enter the final month of winter, many will have battled the common cold, some the flu – while others have had their annual occurrence of dry and flaky skin.

Many of you who do have dry skin know how uncomfortable it can be, but why does it always seem to happen during winter? It can be many things ranging from; exposure to cold and windy conditions, spending periods of time sitting directly beneath an air conditioning vent at the office perhaps, having long baths, or even exposing yourself to direct heat from a fire or fan heater.

So what can you do about it?

It is not always possible to avoid cold and windy conditions during winter, nor is it nice to sit in a cold house without heating, as this can lead to other more serious problems! But a couple of different methods you could try are:

  • Replace long baths with short showers
  • Do not directly expose yourself to heating – let your heating warm your house or room instead
  • Get an emollient or a moisturiser and apply it in large generous amounts, especially following bathing or when you are feeling itchy

A good general-purpose moisturiser you can get through ZOOM Pharmacy is Sorbolene Cream with Glycerine. It is cheap and available in bulk without the requirement of a prescription. Want to find out more? Just freephone 0508 966 622 to speak to a ZOOM Pharmacist.