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New Zealand’s Prescription Problem

If there’s one thing you could do to drastically improve your health what would it be? Eat better? More exercise? Less stress? For many New Zealanders the answer is a lot simpler than that – take your medicine when you should.

That’s right, medicine adherence (a fancy way of saying ‘sticking to your medicine’) is a huge issue facing more Kiwis every day. Studies show around a third of all medicine prescriptions are never picked up and if they are, only half are taken as prescribed. The cost of that is huge. Around $NZ1 billion in tax-payer funds spent unnecessarily on repeat visits to the doctor, hospital beds and expensive life-saving treatments. And then there’s the big one – reduced quality of life.

However, there is hope. A New Zealand-owned and operated healthcare company has figured out how to make getting and taking medicine easier. It’s called ZOOM Pharmacy, an app-based service predicted to revolutionise healthcare in NZ. At the touch of a button it delivers repeat medicines direct to your door, sends you reminders when to take them and can even organise repeats before you run out.


But ZOOM Pharmacy isn’t just a fancy app. Behind it is a licenced pharmacy, just not the way you think. Registered New Zealand trained pharmacists check the prescriptions coming through just like a normal pharmacy, but there are no walk-in customers. That’s the point – you don’t need to come to ZOOM. ZOOM comes to you.

If ZOOM Pharmacy can achieve half of what is hoped, a lot of Kiwis will be better off. International studies show when systems like ZOOM are put in place, there are around 30% less hospital visits for certain types of blood pressure issues, 20% less risk of people developing cardiovascular disease, reduced complications of diabetes – ZOOM could change the way Kiwis see healthcare.

So, if you’ve had enough of stressful, time consuming trips to the local pharmacy, it’s time to get ZOOMing. You’ll have access to a far easier, more modern way to get your medicine and quite possibly a healthier life as a result.

To find out more about ZOOM, go to or text ZOOM to 4040.