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How to stop smelly feet

Stinky feet are embarrassing and no one wants their feet to smell.

What causes the feet to get stinky?

smelly feetHere is a fact: the problem may not be your feet, it could actually be what the feet are wearing. Footwear, may it be the socks, leather shoes, slippers etc, can cause feet to smell stinky. Imagine one foot has around 250,000 of sweat glands – have you thought how much sweat it can produce in a day? More than a pint probably. Getting that much moisture should evaporate or else, it will cause the feet to smell. It’s not the sweat that is causing one’s feet to smell, it is the bacteria living on the skin that is eating the feet sweat, thus end up producing acid, called isovaleric, that produces the bad odour.

Another factor that may cause stinky feet is athlete’s foot, a known skin infection that is caused by a fungus. Other than those stated, other diseases, different medications, poor hygiene, over wearing of poor quality shoes or footwear and environment can cause stinky feet as well.

Home remedies to stop your feet from stinking

Good news is that you need not go out of your homes to cure your stinky feet. There are home remedies that can give your feet relief from getting stinky, it is best to try them first, and see the effectiveness of each home remedies.


An effective, yet very easy way to help ease smelly feet, is using salt water. The salt will pull the moisture out of the skin, thus can help reduce the possible chances of bacteria to live.

How to do it:

Pour warm water into a large bowl, add 1/2 or a cup of kosher salt. Soaking your feet for 20 minutes once in a day consecutively for two weeks.

Vinegar bath

Vinegar is surely not just for cooking, it is also a good way to treat those stinky feet

How to do it:

Very easy to do though, mixing a part of vinegar to two parts water. Make sure that the feet are completely soaked in the mixture for 30 minutes once in a day for a duration of one week consecutively.

Tips to stop feet from stinking:

The good thing now is that there are ways and tips for you to keep your feet from smelling. Do the following tips

  • Clean your feet. Washing your feet is a must, do not let just water drip on your feet make sure that you scrub your feet and dry them after.
  • Choose the right material to use for your socks. Cotton, special knit, wools can be an effective material to completely absorb the sweat on your feet. Sweat can lead to stinky feet.
  • Clean your footwear. It is a must that you make sure that your footwear is clean thoroughly. Cleaning the entire footwear, both internal and external portion of your shoes is a must.
  • Do not share footwear. Do not make sharing of shoes a habit; sharing footwear is not hygienic at all. Chances of transferring the bacteria from one to another may happen if borrowing of personal stuff occurs.
  • Cut your toenails

When do you need to see a doctor? 

104hIf you still are having issues with foot odour after trying home remedies, then it is time to see a doctor. There are severe cases that only treatment by doctors can be treated. Some may go too tough, thus requiring a podiatrist to check on the situation of the feet and prescribe powerful products to treat stinky feet. There are some electrical devices that can ease stinking feet, and this can only be used by professionals.