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CoQ 10 and Resveratrol – A powerhouse combo

For the most part, nourishing your body with a good diet and plenty of exercise is an effective way to stay healthy. But sometimes, the body needs a little extra help. Cue supplements like CoQ 10 and Resveratrol, a powerhouse combination that captures the health benefits of two naturally occurring substances.

While some supplements focus exclusively on one active ingredient, Ultra Resveratrol and CoQ 10 offers the best of both worlds with a two in one combination that blends the powerful anti-ageing benefits of resveratrol with the enzyme-boosting capacity of CoQ10.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:



CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q10, is another substance that’s got health experts in a flurry. It’s found in almost all living cells, including vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. All depend on CoQ10 to function properly and keep the body performing at its best. Basically, it powers enzyme function, speeds up the rate of chemical reactions and drives the body’s cellular machinery. It also acts as a stabiliser for cell membranes, as well as a free radical destroying antioxidant.

pushup 1While CoQ10 is produced naturally in the body, studies show that production starts to slow down from the twenties onwards. Basically, production is in full swing when the body is developing and starts to slow when the ageing process kicks in. For this reason, you could compare CoQ10 supplements to a fountain of youth.

Unlike resveratrol, CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant synthesised in the body and can’t be topped up by external sources like food. That said, it is possible to top up your CoQ10 count with ubiquinone supplements, an oxidized form of CoQ10 that the body then converts to ubiquinol, the coenzyme’s active antioxidant form. Each capsule of Ultra Resveratrol + CoQ10 is loaded with 50mg of ubiquinone, which is more than enough to support overall health and well-being.



Hailed as a “super” compound, resveratrol is found naturally in the skin of grapes. It’s triggered waves of excitement in the health industry for its ability to activate the so-called longevity gene, which usually lies dormant. Once sparked, the gene ignites the body’s natural genetic defences against diseases. Experts have compared the health benefits of resveratrol to working out, with results including improved physical performance, as well as heightened heart function and increased muscle strength.


Resveratrol also has the power to deeply penetrate the centre of a cell’s nucleus, which gives DNA time to fight off free radicals, the unstable molecules that can damage normal cells and spur cancerous outbreaks. There are also cognitive benefits, with other studies suggesting that resveratrol can ward off dementia.

While red wine is a proven source of resveratrol, a glass a day contains as little as .5 milligrams of the compound, which is barely enough to harness the benefits. Meanwhile, a single capsule of Ultra Resveratrol and CoQ 10 is charged with a 100mg dose, which is the equivalent of drinking over 30 bottles of wine.



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