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Sexuality, Relationships and Dating

After years of dealing with the roller coaster of life changes in both your emotional and physical life, you may have thought of giving up on sex after 50. Or, perhaps you have just celebrated your 35th wedding anniversary and the sizzle seems to have fizzled out of your sex life and you just feel too old to recapture it. Well hold the phone! Sex after 50 can still happen, and be even better than ever!

Dealing with the Physical Changes

As we age, especially towards our "golden years", our bodies change on the outside, but even more drastically on the inside, for both men and women.

For aging men, hormone levels drop significantly, causing sex drives to plummet. The slightest distraction and Poof! There goes the romantic interest you had in your partner a moment ago. Talk to your doctor if you experience erectile dysfunction. Ask about possible sex-related side effects of any medication you may be taking, and inquire about alternatives.

For aging women, natural vaginal lubrication diminishes, the vaginal walls begin to lose sensitivity, and substantial discomfort is often experienced during intercourse. But do not fret! You can purchase a variety of water-based lubricants available in an array of flavors, colors, scents, and performance, some heat up a little to give you a tingling sensation.

5 Great Ways to Spice it Up!

Growing older means more wrinkles, less energy, and having certain parts of your body succumb to that little thing called ahem..gravity. Your low self esteem with regard to your aging physical appearance can affect your sex life. You might feel that you are no longer attractive or that you simply "should not" be doing those kinds of teenage things in the bedroom any more. Change that thought, and try the following suggestions to help you "spice up" your relationship, and your bedroom escapades!

Communicate, communicate, and communicate! – The more you talk with your partner, the more you will learn about each other's feelings, desires, expectations, concerns; and that will bring you closer to each other, and that is a turn on. So share!

Go on a date – Plan a romantic dinner either at a restaurant or at home. Buy some flowers, have some wine. If you are dining in, light the candles, put on a nice cd instead of the T.V., and the next thing you know you will feel wonderfully drawn to each other.

Try something new – Changing your appearance, even in the slightest way, can spark that libido in your partner again. Get a new hairstyle, buy a new outfit, or change your makeup. It will make you feel more attractive as well. Sometimes, whispering something a little out of character to your partner can arouse those sexual feelings.

Experiment – Don't be afraid to try new things in the bedroom also – perhaps a new position? There are limitless sexual toys and games available for all ages, so purchase a few and bring some pizzazz back into your senior citizen sex life.

Get to know yourself – Last, but most certainly not least, learn about your own body. You cannot expect your partner to know or guess at what makes you tick. Head to the library and inform yourself, ask your doctor questions, explore your body, and once you have discovered what turns you on, share it with your partner..

As we get older, we need to change our thinking in a positive way to match the changes in our bodies. Instead of fighting the aging process, welcome it, embrace it. Older men and women have a sense of self assuredness that the younger generation has not yet achieved. Seniors know who they are and what matters. This self-confidence is overwhelmingly attractive. Therefore, senior citizen sex should be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Written by: Tanya Brown