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Way #8 to Kill Conflict – Respect

RESPECT: be humane - allowing you both the time and space to express your individual viewpoint

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RESPECT: be humane – allowing you both the time and space to express your individual viewpoint

Everyone knows that when you give respect, you’re likely to get it back. So my question is: how come people aren’t walking their talk?

It’s so simple: especially with teenagers, if you give respect to them, they are very likely to give it back to you. The reason for disrespect from teenagers, is the general feeling teenagers get from society as a whole: no respect. Young people are always, and usually only posed in a negative light in local and national media in every country, so it’s inevitable that they will be treated negatively by society as a whole.

Respect can be shown in many different ways: giving the other person time to convey their thoughts, asking to clarify the other person’s views, trying to relate and understand the other person’s view, etc, etc. If you want any more ideas, the other 8 tips of ways to kill conflict are ALL ways you can be showing respect while communicating with a teen! So try any of these!

Why it’s important to sow and show respect is because children, and sometimes even teenagers, believe it or not learn by example! How in the world are they supposed to know what respect is, or more importantly how to show it, if they don’t get shown it??!

And not only show respect, if you feel they didn’t understand that your action was a sign of respect, clarify it with them – let them know that this indeed was as a sign of respect!



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