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Incontinence – no laughing matter

Three smiling senior women clapping and laughing during an athleIncontinence is a term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss of bladder or bowel control. It is a widespread condition, effecting people of all ages, that ranges in severity from ‘just a small leak’ to complete loss of bladder or bowel control.

Urinary incontinence has recently been identified by the World Health Organisation as a major health issue in both developed and developing nations.

You are not alone
Based on the 2013 Census, more than 45,000 New Zealanders over the age of 65 have severe urinary. Over 15,000 people – both men and women from all walks of life – living in residential care suffer with this debilitating medical condition.

Although incontinence is not considered a fatal condition, it is certainly not a glamorous one and it is strongly associated with poor quality of life, low self esteem, social isolation and depression. The good news is that incontinence issues can be easily treated and managed, and in many cases can also be cured.

Managing every day life when you or the person you are caring for is affected by incontinence can be challenging, but with forward planning (and a little bit of trial and error), most people find a routine that allows them to live their life to the fullest without unnecessary obstacles or embarrassing episodes.

Radius Care is no stranger to the issue and is doing everything it can do help those in the community be well-equipped to manage incontinence. Radius Care Online Shop aims to provide New Zealanders with high quality yet affordable incontinence products so that they can continue to thrive and lead a full and happy life.

pexels-photo-88808What can be done to prevent incontinence?
Plenty can be done to improve or in some cases cure incontinence. In many cases, incontinence can be prevented by adopting healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Here are some simple steps that can be incorporated into your daily life to help prevent incontinence:

  • Drink well – lots of water spread evenly throughout the day
  • Eat a healthy diet – plenty of fibre, 2 servings or fruit and 5 servings of vegetables per day
  • Lead a positive lifestyle – maintain an ideal body weight, stop smoking, keep alcohol to a minimum
  • Get active – aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day, incorporate pelvic floor muscle exercises
  • Practice good toilet habits – go to the toilet when you feel the urge, sit in the correct position, avoid constipation, only go when you need to, see a doctor as soon as you suspect a urinary tract infection

How to manage incontinence once it has become a fact of life:
There is no need to suffer in silence when products are readily available, cost effective, comfortable and reliable. World Continence Week is an international initiative to promote continence awareness and to improve bladder and bowel health and quality of life.

  • You’re not alone – more than 45,000 New Zealanders over the age of 65 have incontinence and over 15,000 people living in residential care suffer with the issue.
  • It affects both men and women, regardless of  your age or background.
  • It can be treated, managed and in many cases cured.

Radius Care Online work with several stockists to provide a variety of pads and pull-ups for adults, incontinence chair pads, premium bed pads, splashguards, bag holders, specialised cushions, clothing protectors, incontinence sheets, urinary bottles and many more.

If you or your loved one need help choosing the right incontinence product, or simply need some guidance about the issue, please call BUNZL’s customer service hotline on 0800 223 627.

To place orders, simply go to or call 0800 213 313