Hearing technology just got smart – connect directly to your mobile or TV

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triton_21111525__dsg8083Whether they’re working, on the move or just want a hassle-free phone connection, New Zealanders are now able to enjoy the revolutionary new, hands-free hearing technology featured in the latest hearing aid release from leading hearing care provider, Triton Hearing.

The innovative new range of hearing aids at Triton Hearing comes equipped with a breakthrough chip, designed to allow users to directly connect with Android phone or iPhone using Bluetooth. The technology enables true hand-free calling with any mobile phone platform – a first in New Zealand.

Triton Hearing’s Clinical Development Manager, Craig Lett says the new technology represents a significant step in providing greater convenience and accessibility for users.

“The new hearing aid really simplifies life for the wearer. No matter what kind of mobile phone they use, whether it’s an Android or iOS device – or most Bluetooth capable devices – they can now enjoy clear, direct connectivity,” says Craig Lett.

“Now, wherever they are – at work, on the go, in the car or at home, they’ll have the benefit of true hands-free calling.”

triton_21114307__dsg8236Hearing aid wearers can answer or ignore a phone call without touching the phone by pushing the button on their hearing aids. When answered, the wearer’s voice is picked up by the hearing aid’s intelligent microphone network and transmitted to the other caller, providing hands-free calling without the need for any additional devices.

“These new hearing aids will provide real freedom and convenience for our clients,” says Mr Lett.

“It’s the first time in New Zealand that technology has been available to connect to both iOS and Android phones – which account for almost all of the smartphone market. We believe it’s an exciting breakthrough our customers will really appreciate.”

Another benefit of the new hearing aid range is the ability for wearers to stream sound straight from their TV – turning their hearing aids into wireless TV headphones.

The TV Connector is a new plug and play solution, which easily connects to the television via Bluetooth, delivering high-quality TV audio directly to the hearing aid.

Triton Hearing’s Managing Director James Whittaker says the company is focused on bringing all the benefits of the latest international technology to its New Zealand clients.

“We want to make better hearing simpler, more convenient and tailored to our customers’ needs and lifestyle,” says Mr Whittaker.

“This revolutionary new hands-free hearing aid is one of a wide range of innovations in hearing technology that we’re looking forward to being able to deliver to New Zealanders.”

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